Properties Germany - fellowship, food, traditions

Features Germany

Features Germany

Is Germany so strict, as is commonly believed? The country lives? Take the opportunity to learn the German national characteristics!

I love to bicycles

In Germany, the development of the culture of cyclingtransport, which has existed for many decades. Every person who prefers the bike, can count on the possibility of owning a convenient model of the vehicle and the best conditions for trips.

It is important to note that the parking spaces, which areavailable for motorists, with tables with comfortable benches where you can eat your products absolutely free. Agree, people really care!

Innovative technologies

Germany is committed to active development, so it is considered a country of advanced technology. You can see the entire field with solar panels, wind generators.

Public authorities have managed wellorganize waste sorting. In what it is expressed? The Germans can not only distribute the waste by type of material. For example, the glass must be separated by different colors and plastic - in his special criteria. It is believed that this sort contributes to significant savings of natural resources and good environment.

The Company and its security

Everyone in Germany feels comfortable and safe.

In Germany, you can see a lot of people with disabilities. This is due to the fact that people with disabilities can live fully here, make friends and feel dignified, protected and free. This is largely due to the quality of roads and the availability of modern wheelchairs.

In Germany, the police really wants to protect people.

All motorists tend to follow the rulestraffic. Pedestrians pass made without hurrying signals. Drivers do not undercut one another, do not aspire to be reconstructed from a number abreast, ready to observe speed limits, resulting in road prevails calm, and all the risks are completely eliminated.

Features mentality

The Germans differ special courtesy, and they will not be rude because of a bad mood. Each person is different tact, tries to avoid conflicts.


  • Features Germany
  • Features Germany
  • Features Germany

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