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Traditional cuisine German

Traditional cuisine German

Eating in Germany is characterized by the fact that the national dishes, though delicious, but enough high-calorie (they contain lots of fat and carbohydrates).

Eating in Germany

Glory German cuisine brought a variety of vegetable dishes - green beans, potatoes, carrots, of red and cauliflower, beans.
Favorite Food German - fish and meat dishes (beef, pork, poultry), as well as hot dogs and sausages.
Arriving in Germany, you can try the beef roll with sauerkraut, schnitzel with fries, meatballs, served with a white sauce, potatoes or rice, various kinds of sausages.
Depending on the area of ​​the visit, you will be able totaste regional dishes. For example, in Swabia, you can try Maultaschen (noodles stuffed with minced meat and spinach), and in Bavaria - Schweinshaxe mit Knödeln (pork leg with potato dumplings).

Where to eat in Germany?

At your service:
- Cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy German and other cuisines;
- Cafes and snack Asian cuisine (there can be nourishing to eat very cheaply).

Drinks in Germany

Popular drinks Germans - tea, coffee, milk, beer.
Beer in Germany, you can try everywhere - in restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, but it is advisable to drink it there, where it is poured directly from the barrel.
If the pub you will be served a beer with the big foam - do not be surprised: a large amount of foam for the Germans - an indicator of the quality of beer.
In addition to beer in the country popular wine, cider, schnapps, mulled wine, fassbrause (beer + lemonade with the addition of fruit or herbal supplements).

Gastronomic tour in Germany

Glory of Germany brought the meat dishes and beer festivals, so here is a gastronomic tour plan for the celebration of Oktoberfest in Bavaria.
As for the best restaurants in the nationalkitchen, then for them is to go to Munich, Berlin, Baden-Baden and other cities. For example, in Munich, you will be able to visit the restaurant Zum Franziskaner: here you will be offered to eat traditional Bavarian specialties - medallions of veal fillet, braised cabbage with duck, grilled, roast young suckling pig ...
If desired, you can go to a cheese tour: in this case, you will visit the small and large industries, such as those which are made Bavarian blue cheese Dorblu, Harska cheese and cambozola.
And fans of the fish should be kept the way to Hamburg andvillages that surround it - then you will be treated with fish oil, fish cooked in a thick and spicy sauce. Also, be sure to try eel in all possible variations, especially fried and cooked in soup.
Holidays - not the best time to think about the calories, the right time of the day and catering - disturb their diets and take an unforgettable culinary journey to Germany!

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