Province of Germany: photos, map. Areas in Germany

Province of Germany

Province of Germany

The country, which has undergone more than one war, a lot ofsplits and reunions, can tell a lot about the tourist how to take care of the world and be able to save the monuments of the past, to experience difficult times and hope for the future. In each city, the region and the province of Germany find their own attractions for leisure travelers. Summer travel will show the cities and towns in all its glory, the famous German castles and fortresses. Winter Germany will please fans of the ski runs and high speeds.

Bavaria - yesterday and today

Firstly, you should pay attention to the beautifullandscapes, meeting tourists at every step, clear lakes and mountain landscapes of the Bavarian Alps. Second, it opens a completely different way to Munich and Nuremberg, the city, whose names are well known to residents of the former Soviet Union. Fussen is far from the famous castle - Neuschwanstein rastirazhirovanny various souvenirs and booklets.

A particular point in the program should begastronomic tourism, for the kitchen of Bavaria deserves attention and applause. No exotic products and unprecedented sophistication, but simple, hearty and, most importantly, delicious.

City Esperanto

City Herzberg, in the territoryFederal State of Lower Saxony, the first in the world the honor of wearing a status of "Esperanto". That is why tourists from different countries will be easy to live in this city, because all the signs are written in both German and international language. This tradition spread to many cafes and restaurants.

Residents in most studied Esperantoschool and courses in the library has a large collection of literature. So tourists will be one to talk and talk, without knowing a word of German.

Romantic road

There is such a very picturesque route, whichvery different from the usual German autobahns. It crosses almost the whole of Germany, passes through the many castles, towns and attractions. In each of the towns you can see its wonderful sights and beautiful scenery, the architecture of different ages and genres. Besides, in many places, hosts music, theater festivals, international cultural projects that add appeal to this pastime.

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  • Province of Germany
  • Province of Germany
  • Province of Germany

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