Areas of Germany - region, province of Germany

Areas in Germany

Areas in Germany

One of the most interesting countries for the travelerOld World, Germany has to offer absolutely any program for a holiday or weekend. Where you can do sports or just cheer on your favorite football team, arrange exciting shopping, sending satellite to taste the famous German beers, and had a ball on the Christmas fairs and festivals. Architectural attractions Germany area also pose a lot, but because in this country you can come again and again and did not cease to be surprised the variety of its cultural, historical and gastronomic heritage.

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As part of the federal government - 16subjects which are absolutely equal to each other and are called lands. All areas of Germany are divided into districts, and the city of Hamburg and Berlin, as having the status of federal lands - into districts. Followed by community, communes, towns, neighborhoods, residential areas and so on to infinity according to the true German pedantry and organize all inclinations. The current division of the area of ​​Germany finally formed in 1990 after the unification of Germany, East Germany and West Berlin.
The most southern states of Germany are Bavariawith its capital Munich and Baden-Württemberg. In the north border of the country form the Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The smallest area in Saarland, and the greatest - in Bavaria.

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To come to Germany and do not miss anythingvalued at a holiday or vacation - the problem is not real. Each land here can offer such a rich ekskursionku that travelers simply get lost in the choice and do not know where to start:

  • The area is famous for the town of Brandenburg in GermanyPotsdam, which decided to put in the list of UNESCO World Heritage cultural landscape of all, because they could not give preference to individual objects. The palaces and parks of Sanssouci, Babelsberg and others are now an integral part of a tour of the north-east of the country.
  • Bavaria and Munich - in general does not require advertising. It is here that brewed the best beer, playing many favorite football club and there are castles and palaces, the pride of the architectural heritage of the world scale.
  • Land of Hesse and Frankfurt - a paradise for fans of museum exhibitions. The annual festival museumsufer in late summer on the banks of the Main collects millions of tourists.


  • Areas in Germany
  • Areas in Germany

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