Ski resorts in Germany: photos, reviews. Skiing in Germany

Ski resorts in Germany

Ski resorts in Germany

Germany attracts tourists for many decadesits natural beauty, the ability to touch the masterpieces of world art in its many art galleries and museums, Christmas fairs and sales, and of course, the ski resorts, where there are several dozen in the German Alps. Fabulous beauty of the gorge and gingerbread villages, where life flows slowly, give lovers of fresh air and winter sports a unique opportunity to combine business with pleasure.
The main features of the local trails -special grooming, modern equipment and competent labeling, allowing each boarders or skiers find your perfect mood and level of preparation of the descent. Infrastructure resorts and excellent service in hotels and restaurants do not cause the slightest criticism of even the most advanced travel, and equipment rental rates, skill lessons and ski passes allow you to position the German resorts as available for various categories of guests.

The resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The most popular and prestigious in GermanyIt is undoubtedly the resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, located in the German Alps. He took Olympic athletes in 1936, but today it runs are on the scene of battles hardball world-class championships. The resort is just 120 km from Munich Airport, and the total number of its lines - 62 for the different categories of complexity. The season on the slopes of Mount Tsupshpittse, which is considered the highest in the country, usually starts at the beginning of calendar winter and lasts until the beginning of May.
Garmisch-Partenkirchen is selected and snowboardersskiers of different skill levels, but most of its slopes are suitable for beginners and medium dosochnikov. Very green athletes can take some riding lessons, the benefit of each ski school at the resort has a Russian-speaking instructors. For beginners, there are some special routes, a total length of 15 km.
Mid-level athletes in Garmisch-Partenkirchenmore suitable for a diverse network of slopes in Garmisch-Classic area and on the mountain plateau. About 40 km of trails, marked and freeride, allow undisturbed enjoy the scenic views and lack of crowds. The resort is open fun park in which even had a cup of slopestyle Bavaria in 2011. The total area of ​​the park is a thousand square meters, and its condition monitoring team of professionals. Here are the many boxes, rails and kickers that will not repeat the whole day and do not stop.
At the end of March on the territory of the fan parkfreestyle camp opens, in which all who wish to give free lessons of international master. Sponsors provide free-tests of the newest equipment and advanced organizes competitions with prizes. About audiences in the camp also not forget: you can comfortably "hurt" in the lounge chairs for barbecue.
Prices for ski passes are set within 40 euros per day. Season tickets for six days of skiing will cost 200 euros.

Resort Berchtesgaden

Resort Berchtesgaden Germans themselves love moreothers. It is conveniently located on the border with Austria in the area of ​​Mount Watzmann, which shot up into the sky at 2713 meters and a silver medal in the competition of the German height of the peaks.
In this area there are six different zonesskiing, located at a sufficient distance from each other. Home - Jenner - has in its arsenal of international routes and slopes for those who can safely consider yourself an athlete mediocre. It opened a ski school, where you can take lessons and Russian-speaking instructors. The rest of the ski area is most suitable for families. There are no particularly difficult slopes and try your hand may well and children, and those who first saw the board.
The resort is fairly low, but becauseseason is much shorter than the other slopes of Germany. Artificial lighting in Getshen area allows to organize evening skiing. All zones binds ski bass, but sufficient scattered them from each other does not reach more than one a day.

Resort Oberstdorf

One of the most beautiful alpine regions ResortOberstdorf has the longest slope in the country, the length of which is 7.5 km, the most modern in Germany a circular lift, equipped with a six-seater cabins, and one of the best fun park in the Alpine mountains. In 2005, the resort hosted the world championship in ski sports, and residents of Germany consider it the best, comfortable and pleasant for a winter holiday with the whole family.
Here, especially clean air, as part of the regionskiing Oberstdorf is included in the free zone by road transport. The maximum height from which you can go down with the breeze right in the heart of the village is more than 2220 meters. Trails for intermediate skiers and dosochnikov furnished Felhorn zone.

Photos of Germany ski resorts

  • Ski resorts in Germany
  • Ski resorts in Germany
  • Ski resorts in Germany
  • Ski resorts in Germany
  • Ski resorts in Germany

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