The suburbs of Berlin - a photo, what to see

Berlin Suburbs

Berlin Suburbs

The capital of Germany is in second placethe number of inhabitants in the European Union and the fifth - on the footprint. Its history goes back more than eight centuries, have left their mark in the architectural appearance, and cultural traditions. The center and the suburbs of Berlin form a large conurbation, and the sights of the German capital consistently attract millions of tourists annually.

Potsdam heritage

The most famous suburb of Berlin canIt boasts a special attitude to UNESCO itself. This authoritative organization included several urban sites in the list of World Cultural Heritage. The honorary list includes the Sanssouci Park, where the famous palace of Frederick the Great, and the New Garden with Marble Palace and conservatory. Later they were joined by Parks Babelsberg, Glienicke with Pfaueninzel and palace structures, Russian colony Alexandrowka, built by order of the King of Prussia for singers soldiers' chorus, and park ensemble Lindstedt. The cultural landscape of the suburb of Berlin is the largest object in the UNESCO list of the country.


Enough to walk up on the center of Berlin,traveler unwittingly draws attention to the outskirts of the city, it is in these places can observe a special color and life of local residents. The suburbs of Berlin - a quiet little town, where preserved a leisurely way and German pedantry in everything - from the ideal of purity in the streets to the tuned millimeter marking lines on roads. Architectural attractions, authentic German beer with bright samples of national menu, all the satellite towns can offer a large assortment:

  • Hennigsdorf once produced electric locomotives forthe former Soviet Union, and today you can stroll through the quiet streets lined with typical German mansion and enjoy the old Lutheran church of Martin Luther.
  • Hohen Neuendorf is especially good at Christmas, when its cozy central square is transformed into a real holiday illuminated postcard.
  • The coat of arms depicts Strausberg ostrich, and hisThe main attraction - the local museum at the airport, which tells a lot about the history of aviation, the Town Hall, built in the early XIX century, and exposure museum.
  • City Erkner memorials - are monuments to the victims of both world wars, and his Genezeratkirhe - a sample of Gothic temple, decorating the suburbs of Berlin at the end of the XIX century.


  • Berlin Suburbs
  • Berlin Suburbs

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