Holidays in Germany in September: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in September in Germany

Holidays in Germany in September

Holidays in Germany in September

Start the fall season continues the tradition of the summerin terms of dry, sunny, relatively warm weather. The first half of the fall, opening a German velvet season, cordially greets each guest. Rare case when from the sky starts to pour water, perhaps, the country simply does not want to part with tourist, leaving its borders.

That is why many travelers chooseclassic holiday in Germany in September, when the tourist season is in full swing and the very nature conducive to travel, finds and discoveries. There are excellent opportunities for sight-seeing tourism on German cities and castles, to relax in the lap of nature.


Nature in September favored by tourists,allowing you to continue acquaintance with the sunny side of Germany, only occasionally happen rainy rainy days. Weather conditions in the western part of the country more favorable than in the eastern half. Therefore, the western direction is to choose those tourists who require a lot of time outdoors.

Average performance of the German of September - from+20 ° C to +15 ° C (refers to the day temperature) and about +10 ° C (at night). On some days the tourists can enjoy the return of these summer days and +25 ° C.

The swimming season the bravest can continue, it is a comfortable temperature. So do not refuse to continue the summer fun. Although warm clothes in the suitcase will not interfere.

Oktoberfest is coming

The most famous and grandiose event of the Germanautumn, despite the October saying the name, starting a month earlier. At the heart of the holiday, of course, beer, mostly local. While there are many opportunities to get acquainted with the products and brewing companies of various countries and peoples.

Key events unfold in Munich, which is happily declared the world capital of beer, and the Oktoberfest - a major beer festival of the world.

German shopping

August - one of the most beloved of all shopaholicscountries sending their foot in Germany for quality goods primarily German manufacturers. In the ranking of the popularity of clothing, shoes, traditionally high quality appliances. The chip is the local food industry - organic products, and the Germans have learned to produce almost all the food without the use of chemicals and even fertilizer. Such products are sold in stores, signs that begin with the word "bio".

Among the most popular traditional German delicious souvenirs - smoked eel, flavored honey, marzipan. And, of course, none of the visitors do not leave without a package of beer, or better yet two or three.

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  • Holidays in Germany in September
  • Holidays in Germany in September

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