Ghana Coat of Arms: photo, value, description

Ghana Coat of Arms

Ghana Coat of Arms

A small African nation, recentlyreleased on an independent way, with the help of the main official symbols of trying to prove to the world that his opinion should be considered. Coat of arms of Ghana, on the one hand, is a set of characters that play a very important role in the world heraldry, on the other hand, reflects the local realities and traditions.

Description of the coat of arms

The color palette of the official character of the African state of bright, saturated, using the national colors of Ghana. There are three primary colors:

  • gold - birds, leopard, ribbon and small parts;
  • green - grass base, the cross on the shield, the individual elements;
  • Blue - the shield.

In addition to them, to draw small parts of individual elements of the shield and torse used red, white (silver), black.

Central place on the coat of arms of Ghana takes a shield, a field which is divided wide cross into four parts. In the center of the cross is a gold leopard called in heraldry lion.

In addition to the terrible animal, the important heraldicsymbol on a shield, the other elements that play a symbolic role, reminiscent of the heroic past of the country, demonstrate military force as okuyame, gold ceremonial sword. Also on board symbolically presents the most important branches of Ghana's economy - gold mining (mine) and agriculture (cocoa).

Supporters of the country are the gold emblemeagles with decorations in the form of black stars on the ribbons, painted in national flag colors. The same palette used for torse, located above the shield. Crowns song, another black star with gold piping, symbolizing the black continent.

Birds of prey are based on a gold band, which issued a kind of motto of Ghana (in English). It can be translated as "Freedom and Justice".

Ghana Coat of Arms Symbols

The main character of the African state, in the firstturn, demonstrates the desire to create a strong, independent state. Predatory animals in the center of the shield, menacing birds, Supporters, ceremonial swords show that's about it.

Raising awareness, pride in their countryis broadcast through the national colors in the torse and Sash. Use the most popular heraldic colors - blue, green, red. Five-pointed star painted black, which is associated with Africa and its people.


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