What is the sea in Greece? Sea in Greece: photos, map

Sea Greece

Sea Greece

The geographical location enables it to Greececonsidered the most maritime power of the Old World. Its coast of the Balkan Peninsula, and two thousand islands are washed by the Mediterranean Sea. It is divided into several parts, and to understand what the sea washes Greece should take a look at the map.

The impressive list of

Mediterranean Sea is a small list of the seas in its waters, some of which are named according to the geographical location:

  • Aegean washes, among others, a group of islands of the same name.
  • Cretan sea is in the island of Crete.
  • Libyan approaches the coast of Africa.
  • The Ionian drifts Ionian archipelago.

What the sea in Greece is not designated more onmaps? The list is also impressive: the Ligurian and the Cretan, Cretan and Balearic, Tyrrhenian and Alboran. Today is considered to be their only parts of the Mediterranean, and because these names were in the distant historical past of Greece.

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For tourism businesses play a vital roleGreece sea, washing the resort areas. For example, the Ionian Sea - the cradle of the islands of Corfu and Ithaca, where the first bathers open season in late May. The water temperature in summer is kept at around 25 degrees, making water treatment pleasant and refreshing.
Beach Resort Chalkidiki washed by the Aegean Sea,whose magical beaches - a dream of many fans of bronze tan. In these places the highest number of awards for cleanliness and environmental friendliness, and infrastructure, and endless opportunities for sailing and diving attract the Aegean Sea in Greece a huge number of active travelers. seawater temperature during high season here is kept at around 24 degrees.
Mediterranean Sea - a resort islands and CreteRhodes, where the nice soft sand beaches alternate with shingle, allowing you to select any genre and level of comfort for relaxing. The water temperature in this area ranges from 22 degrees at the start of the season to 26 in peak days. The tides in the Mediterranean are expressed vaguely, so you can spend the whole day on the beach, without changing the places of deployment.

Interesting facts about the Greek seas

  • Diving in the Aegean allows you to enjoy not only the natural beauty of the underwater world, but also at different times of sunken ships.
  • The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most warm and salty in the world.
  • It Ionian Sea has the greatest depth in the Mediterranean basin.

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