Areas of Athens - the name, description, photo parts of Athens, where to stay tourists

Areas of Athens

Areas of Athens

For you are interesting areas of Athens? A glance at the map, you can see that Athens are divided into seven districts with many neighborhoods and districts.

Name and description of the main areas

  • Plaka: tour of the old district involves the commission of walking through the narrow streets lined with houses built in the neoclassical style. Couples with children Plaka offers go to the Children's Museum - in the "soap room," the younger guests waiting for experiments with water and soap bubbles, in "Living grandmother and grandfather," they get to the old Athenian house, which houses the old furniture, radio and heater in "Family room" children can play with interactive toys, kitchen - practice your culinary skills (together with the instructor can prepare various delicacies), but from the "Pythagoras Rooms" will come to the delight of all who care about the geometrical figures. This area should be inspected Tower of the Winds (is a chapel with an 8-coal tower), walk through the square Filomusos Eterija with its bars, shops and souvenir shops, and the National Botanical Garden (here assembled bushes and flowers from around the world; you can walk along the paths, listening to birds singing, relax by the pond), to look into the Museum of national musical instruments (here with a collection of 18th century to the present day).
  • Acropolis: The main attraction - himself Acropolis (tourists waiting for inspection interest of the complex, which is to capture the photo), the ruins of the theater of Dionysus, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus (in the summer, having bought a ticket for a specific event, you can attend concerts, literary readings, theater productions, as well as at the Athens festival, which are held in honor of the original submission).
  • Kolonaki: as on the border of the area is the 200-meter high Mount Lycabettus, travelers are advised to climb it on foot or by cable car to explore the entire city, standing on the viewing platform. It is worth noting that the top is an outdoor theater - here invite guests to the Greek and international concerts.
  • Monastiraki: interesting ancient mosque, a temple of the Holy Virgin (tourists can impress delicate moldings on the facade, as well as mosaics, murals, images of religious subjects in the interior) and the market where you can buy souvenirs and antiques (it can be visited from 07:00 to 19:00) .

Where to stay tourists

Travelers who want to be close to the entertainment venues, working almost around the clock, you should search for hotels in the Kolonaki district.

You want to have fun? At your service - Monastiraki district, districts, adjacent to the University of Athens, Syntagma Square (local taverns and cafes late privechayut tourists and the local population).

And the accommodation facilities in the areas of Plaka, Monastiraki Street Athinas Street and Ermou Street will suit those who are interested outlets to satisfy diverse tastes of tourists.

Tourists are not recommended to be placed in the area of ​​Omonia Square due encountered on the way homeless people and beggars.

Photos Athens area

  • Areas of Athens
  • Areas of Athens
  • Areas of Athens

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