Beaches in Athens: photos, videos. The best sandy beaches in Athens (Greece)

Beaches in Athens

Beaches in Athens

You go on vacation, and your choice has fallen onAthens? This ancient Greek city has many attractions, and surely you will want to explore them, but deprive themselves of the warm sea and the wonderful beaches would be unwise. Here you can find everything - and rocky lagoons and golden color sand. The region of Attica has quite a variety of coastline, so the choice of beaches are very wide, and they are relatively close to the center of the city.

Many beaches, both in the city and inimmediate vicinity, are very popular in the period from May to July. At this time, even very expensive hotels and bungalows is best to book in advance. Please note that most of the beaches of Athens - private, and it is likely that you will have to spend as actually separate the input and on the couch or lounger.

Traditionally, the best beaches in Athenslocated on the south-eastern coast. This is the area of ​​Glyfada or the north-east of the city - near Marathon. But it is possible to find other good beaches, for example, in Rafina area. This small port on the east coast near Athens.

Well, now - original hits - the best sandy beaches of Athens.

  1. Votsalakiya. This beautiful sandy beach, equipped great, by the way, and for water sports, separated by only 9 km from the center of the capital.
  2. Alimos. It's just a wonderful beach with a nice sandy bottom, located south of the city. It is separated by only 11 km from the center of Athens. It is located north of the old Athens airport - Ellinikon.
  3. Glyfada. This area seemed purposely equipped for families with children. Distance 16 km from the metropolis center ensures clean air. Here are the best in the whole bay Attica, and the choice of water activities affects scale.
  4. Vaul Beach. This beach is not only a clean sandy bottom, there still is a set of tennis and volleyball courts. From the center of town it is separated 17 km.
  5. Cavour. This is a free beach with clear waters and golden sand. It is located 20 km south-east from the center of Athens.
  6. Vouliagmeni Beach. Another free beach. It is separated from the city center for 23 km, the ride is not close, but here you can relax after a long day. For leisure, this includes: water slides, playground, tennis and volleyball, as well as a restaurant.
  7. Kokkino Limanaki. It can be reached by doing the way to 26 km to the south-east of the center. The beach is famous for its greenish-blue tint of the sea and clean sand.
  8. Varkiza Beach. This is one of the best organized beaches with free admission. Where you can find a volleyball and tennis courts. There is a play area for children. You can visit the snack bars where so nice to relax after a long hot day. But for this we need to pull in 27 km from the center of Athens.

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  • Beaches in Athens
  • Beaches in Athens
  • Beaches in Athens
  • Beaches in Athens

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