Taxi in Athens - price, order. How much is a taxi in Athens

Taxi in Athens

Taxi in Athens

Taxi in Athens - is around 14,000 yellowcars, travel costs where visitors to the city is relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of similar services provided in other European cities.

Taxi services in Athens

To take a taxi (onFree car glows green label "free"), you can raise your hand and call the driver your destination. And you can go to the appointed taxi stand, which is located in the city a lot.

The rooms, which can carry a taxi: Radio Taxi Glyfada: 210 960 56 05; Athina 1: 210 921 7942; Dimitra: 210 524 6993; Parthenon: 210 532 3300.

Important: Some taxis are engaged in customer service in certain areas of Athens, ie if you are in the city center and at the same time call a taxi from the area of ​​Glyfada, the cost of your travel to Priplyusuet distance, overcoming the driver to get to you. So it makes sense to call a taxi, located as close as possible to you.

Those interested can call a taxi with the help ofInternet software Taxibeat (it is necessary to download on your phone) - it will automatically install the place where you are through the satellite, and then open a "window" to the available drivers in the area. It is worth noting that you will be able to view the profiles of these drivers (you can choose English or English-speaking taxi driver), see their photos idannye about the car, as well as read the comments of other customers. To call a specific driver you need to click on its "icon", after which you received a notification that your order has left the machine. The fare in this case would be about the same as in the standard cab.

The cost of a taxi in Athens

"How much is a taxi in Athens?"- Pressing question, which is raised by many guests of the Greek capital. To get an idea about the prices you should pay attention to the payment system, operating in the Athenian taxi:

  • planting costs - 1 euro (this amount is immediately displayed after the meter at the beginning of the trip), and 1 kilometers - 0.68 euros;
  • lowest fare - 3,2 euro, expectation (easy auto) - 10.85 / 1 h;
  • charges: for a call to the port, w / d or bus station, passengers pay extra 1.1 euros per trip to or from the airport - 3.85 euro per booking cars on the phone at a certain time - 3.4 euros.

If your luggage weighs more than 10 kg, you will have to pay 0.40 euros per bed.

On average, the trip from the center of Athens to the airportor vice versa costs to passengers during the day 35 euros, and at night - 50 euros. Tip: in order not to be deceived, insist on the meter is turned on, and if you do not like the service, you can complain to the driver (it is at the request must provide you with the documents indicating his name and taxi registration number).

Want to quickly and conveniently get to your destination? Taxi - the mode of transport, which you should definitely take advantage of the services.

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