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Tours in Athens

Tours in Athens

One of the oldest cities on earth knowneach of the textbooks of history, Athens and now attract the eye of millions of people and fans of distant travels. To appear on the tour in Athens, then touch the old history and see with your own eyes where they lived and worked great philosophers and playwrights. In the great metropolis is home to almost a third of the total population, but the center of Athens still is a real miracle, descended from the pages of a textbook on the history of the ancient world.

History and geography

The heyday of Athens fell on V-III century BC,when the city was an important cultural center in the Balkans. It was then created the majestic temples and monuments, is still producing a huge impression on the guests of the Greek capital.
Then followed a series of wars, during whichdestructions undergone all historically significant buildings of Athens, and today most of the architectural monuments underwent restoration and rehabilitation.

Briefly about the importance

  • Athens climate is subtropical and can be calledsemi-desert, so little rain falls here. Winter is usually warm and the air temperature rarely drops even down to -10. But sometimes the participants of the winter tour to Athens can watch even the snow that melts quickly. The most favorable time for a trip to the Greek capital - spring and autumn, when the air temperature does not exceed 25, and the rains are extremely rare.
  • Begin tours in Athens as a rule from the airport, located in the eastern suburbs. It is connected to the center is not only a highway, but the metro line.
  • That Metro Athens - one of the most convenientways to travel about the city. The local subway is quite modern, air-conditioned trains and stations are located close to major attractions.
  • Athenian taxi service is much cheaper than in other European countries. It is necessary to choose the yellow cars, since they are licensed for passenger transport.
  • Climb on the Lycabettus Hill in the city center,to visit the church of St. George, built in the XI century, the best on a cable car. He works late into the night, and species on the way and with the mountains stunning.
  • As a souvenir of the tours in Athens can bring leather goods and ceramics of great beauty, as well as the famous Greek olive oil and brandy "Metaxa".

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  • Tours in Athens
  • Tours in Athens

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