Viewpoints Athens. List of the best viewing points in Athens

Athens Viewpoints

Athens Viewpoints

Viewing platforms allow Athens to all those who will rise there, with different angle admire quarter of Plaka, Agora, Parthenon, Temple of Olympian Zeus and other significant objects.

Overview of natural observation sites of Athens

  • Mount Lycabettus: since it is located at an altitude of 270 m above sea level, everyone here will be able to see the city of the Aegean Sea basin, as well as enjoy the magnificent sunsets. At the foot of the mountain, tourists stumble on a pineapple grove and at the top they can see the chapel of St. George, to look into the restaurant or open-air theater (guests are pampered holding Greek and international concerts). On the mountain lifts visitors funicular (ticket cost 6 euro), open until midnight - 00:45. How to get there? At your service - Metro (station Megaro Moussikis, Line 3).
  • The observation deck of the Acropolis of Athens (hillheight 156 m) observation platform will be able to find in the eastern part of the Acropolis, from here one can see Mount Lycabettus, Plaka and other attractions of Athens. Visit Acropolis adults can for 12 euros, and visitors under 18 years old - for 6 euros. You can get here by metro: the desired station - Acropolis.
  • Strefi Hill (located in the Exarcheia district): here it will be able not only to admire the Acropolis, Lycabettus Hill and the Saronic Gulf, but also spend time on the football field or basketball court, to visit concerts of alternative music.
  • Pnyx Hill: Hill, located in the heart of Athens and offers the best views of the Acropolis, and allows guests to spend time in the park. To get here, it is recommended to use the metro: the nearest station to the hill - Thissioi Monastiraki (line 1).
  • Filopappos Hill: tourists come up here, you will discover an amazing panorama of Athens and the Acropolis. In addition, they will find on a hill cave Socrates and 2-tiered monument Philopappou. It is worth noting that this is the place for those who does not like to enjoy the scenery along with the large crowds of tourists. How to get there? The nearest tram stop is Fix (line T4 and T5), and the metro station - Monastiraki (line 1 and 3)

Galaxy Restaurant

Attractive restaurant that is located on the roof of the hotel Hilton Athens (to guests - great views of Athens). Besides a rich selection of sushi, the menu is full of Mediterranean cuisine.

Address: 46 Vassilissis Sofias Avenue.

Amusement Park Allou Fun Park

Admire the beauty of Athens and at the same timeexperience the incredible feeling, vacationers will be able to, "examining" several interesting attractions, among which the 40-meter high Ferris Wheel; 72-foot carousel StarFlyer (rotating at a speed of 30 km / h). Tickets - 19-21 euros / day.

How to get there? The buses number 909, 803, 845, 703, 801 (stop Nekrotafeio) or trolley bus number 21 (bus stop Kan Kan).


  • Athens Viewpoints
  • Athens Viewpoints
  • Athens Viewpoints

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