Beaches Chania: photos, videos. The best sandy beaches in Chania (Greece)

Beaches Chania

Beaches Chania

Many tourists think this piece of CreteParadise, which came down to earth from the heavenly heights. The atmosphere here is really very close to the fabulous and the best sandy beaches of Chania evoke thoughts of vsamdelishnye paradise. Greece can rightly be considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and local resorts attract travelers not only a high level of service, but not too scary prices. Tourists prefer to combine business with pleasure and alternate beach holiday with visits to cultural sites and local tours, which are full of wonderful country of Greece.

Climatic features of the edge

Chania is located in the western part of the island,who is also the greenest part of it. In winter there are very often rains, and the summer - dry and hot. During the winter the earth is saturated with moisture, so the trees in the warmer months, a raging flowers and greenery. Chania The climate is very mild, so it is best suited for a holiday in summer the average temperature varies from 24 to 30 degrees, and winter does not fall below 13 degrees. Severe frost is not the case, so the earth will never freezes, and the plants do not suffer. The water warms up near the end of July or early August, depending on the degree of winter cold. It often happens is that the sea water temperature reaches 25 degrees. You could say that Chania beaches await holidaymakers all year round, if you do not take into account the winter rains and winds are not very pleasant.

Features holiday in Chania area

Chania The area is characterized by the fact that the localbeaches stretch for whole kilometers, so there is practically no shortage of areas for recreation. The most famous beach is considered the beach in the western part of the island: the sand is nice, unusual pink color, such as sand, you will not see anywhere else in the whole Crete. This beach is located near Elafonissi, and is popular not only among immigrants but also among local residents. This place is ideal for families, as there will be interesting not only for adults but also for children:

  1. there is rental of beach equipment;
  2. low prices for water activities and sports: surfing, water bikes, boat trips and the like;
  3. comfortable cabanas, free toilet for campers;
  4. the proximity of cafes and restaurants with national cuisine

For brave lovers of original entertainmenthere there are suggestions of exploring the seabed diving and paragliding. Playground with small rides will delight your kids, and you can relax on a comfortable sun lounger.

Photos of Chania beaches

  • Beaches Chania
  • Beaches Chania
  • Beaches Chania

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