The best resorts of Greece. The best resorts of Greece for holiday

The best resorts of Greece

The best resorts of Greece

Holidays in Greece, primarily - beach. If you can not imagine your vacation without the warm sea and golden sand, then Greece will give you all this and in large quantities. Most resorts allow Greece to spend your holiday exactly as you dreamed.


Truly the most heavenly place in all of Greece. The magnificence of the local scenery captures the imagination for a long time: the tall pines, to look to the waters of the Aegean Sea.

Halkidiki - the largest tourist center of the country. Azure Aegean sea, excellent beaches, covered with golden sand, and modern hotels with excellent service - all this is waiting for its guests.

The most popular CapeCassandra, which is a sea of ​​green. Here are the popular hotels in the resort, as well as the tourist centers. Holidays are like tourists who are interested in ancient history.

Cape Sinton, with its pristine forests and spectacular coastline, rugged cozy coves, making vacation at this resort an unforgettable one.

Third Cape Peninsula - Mount Athos - the most wonderful place of Halkidiki. But, alas, the women visit the place is forbidden.


The city is visited by many tourists each year fromall over the world. Here, well-developed tourist industry. Numerous restaurants, great hotels, where guests are offered a first class service, boutiques and salons will stay in Patras as comfortable as possible.

The Mediterranean climate of the city - one more plus signin the treasury of the Greek resort. After all, summer is not too hot. Thermometer showing 25 comfortable. However, sometimes the sun's rays and heats the air up to 30.

Kefalonia Island

The largest island belonging to the Ionianinsular area. On its territory there are many churches and monasteries. And amazingly beautiful natural landscapes that surround the numerous beaches each year attract many visitors from all over the world.

Well-developed industry of the island allowsspend here not only memorable, but also completely safe holiday. Modern and comfortable hotels harmoniously with ancient architectural monuments, and numerous entertainment will not let you get bored for a minute.


Probably the best resort destination country. Guests can not only relax in comfort, but have a great time in the various entertainment centers. The cozy little cafes and pretentious restaurants, luxury hotels, boutiques, night bars and discos - all there in this resort town.

The climate can withstand the only trueadmirers of the summer heat. The air temperature rarely drops below 40 marks in. The only thing that brings a little relief - the fresh sea breeze.

The most beautiful parts of the world - Greece

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  • The best resorts of Greece
  • The best resorts of Greece
  • The best resorts of Greece

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