Currency in Greece: the exchange, importation, money. What is the currency in Greece?

Currency in Greece

Currency in Greece

The Hellenic Republic is located in Southern Europe. The country enters the European Union. At the moment, the main Greek currency - the euro. But what is the currency in Greece was up to the euro?

Currency to Euro

Before the euro was used in the Greek drachma, theit was present in ancient Greece. In general, with the advent of modern Greece, when the country gained independence, the main currency was the Greek Phoenix - from 1828 to 1833. Then it was again put into circulation the Greek drachma. This currency had a fractional unit - 1 Drachma was 100 mites.
In the middle of the 20th century experienced two major currency inflation. First, in 1944, 1 new drachma was 50 billion old, then 10 years later - 1 new drachma equal to 1000 old.
Since early 2002, the country's main currencyIt is the euro. Now the country are turning coins and banknotes. Coins 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 cents, and 1 and 2 euros. Denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euros.

What currency to take to Greece

Knowing that Greece is part of the European Union and the maincurrency here - the euro, the answer is obvious. It is best to take euros to Greece. The concern is not very good as an alternative, you can see the dollars, but in Europe the dollar. If we take the ruble, then there is even more complexity. Therefore, the easiest way to prepare in advance and exchange currency to the euro before flying into the country.
Import of currency in Greece as a whole has no restrictions, is only to say that the amount of more than EUR 10,000 must be declared. Export of currency of the country has no restrictions.

Currency Exchange in Greece

As mentioned above, it is best to take euros to Greece, but if you do have to another currency, such as dollars, it can be exchanged directly in the country.
In Greece there are many exchange offices -banks, ATMs, post office, etc. Banks are only open Monday to Friday, from 8 am. It is necessary to pay attention to a commission for transactions in different institutions it is different. It is necessary to give preference to a fixed commission - 1-2% of the amount. ATMs in the plan are not comfortable, the commission may reach 4%.

Plastic cards

The country is quite common to payusing the card, most stores allow you to pay for goods clearing. Money in Greece can be removed from the map using the many ATMs.


  • Currency in Greece
  • Currency in Greece

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