Holidays in Greece in August: prices and weather. Where to rest in Greece in August

Holidays in Greece in August

Holidays in Greece in August

The benefits of relaxing in this beautiful and ancientcountry set. It is considered to be incorrect if all the holiday tourist lain on the beach, without even looking at local attractions, or, on the contrary, has traveled all over Greece, not to make a pilgrimage to the turquoise waters and golden beaches.

Holidays in Greece in August to the present touristHe must pass a skillful maneuvering between lazy lying on the sea coast and the active development of cultural and historical monuments, acquaintance with national cuisine, and features same national shopping.

Weather conditions in the Greek August

Compared with the previous month, almostNo differences in the amount or the sun, or in the absence of water saving. The air temperature in August is still at a record level +35 ° C (the national average), +26 ° C (water). Therefore, many tourists go to night mode beach holiday, preferring to carry out sea bathing at night and take a sun bath in the early morning or close to sunset.

Get on Olympus

The most famous greek hill,according to the ancient Greek legend, it was the habitat of the gods and their companions not less than divine. Now visit this holy place for many can practically every tourist. As soon as somewhere in the middle between Thessaloniki and Halkidiki find the important tourist sites and hiking to the top.

Home theater scene

The most important area for summer performancestheater companies in the small village of Epidaurus. Since the end of July until the last Saturday of August, every day pass the festival events. Once the scene has been deeply hidden in the sands of time, and now at the epicenter of attention of theatergoers light.

In addition to actually see the different performances,Participants of festival events have the opportunity to get acquainted with the monuments of history and culture, preserved to this day. Many of them are marked by UNESCO as true works of art.

Assumption Greek

This feast in honor of Our Lady of yearcelebrated in Greece on August 15 and is officially a holiday. Thousands of Orthodox Greeks go to churches where services are solemn. Wonderful holiday collects Greek Aborigines from around the world. Sumela Monastery, a Greek monastery, located high in the mountains, this day attracts thousands of pilgrims, which can join the tourists and vacationers.

The most beautiful parts of the world - Greece

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  • Holidays in Greece in August
  • Holidays in Greece in August

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