Holidays in Greece in February: prices and weather. Where to rest in Greece in February

Holidays in Greece in February

Holidays in Greece in February

Many tourists have repeatedly been in Greece during the summer. However, vacation in Greece in February and other winter days still remains unexplored entertainment for most ordinary tourists. In fact, just this time of year, you can discover a new side of this wonderful country.

Weather in February in Greece

It is worth noting that Greece meets in FebruaryGuests cool weather. But rainfall will be scarce. However, we must remember that in the islands during the winter months are often heavy rains. We should mention that a spontaneous vacation in the country of the Olympic gods in February can be unpredictable. That is why many tour operators are strongly advised to learn at least a rough weather. Also do not forget that very winter is very difficult to feel. To determine the best approach to the comparison of the flowering of Russian autumn. Snow can be seen exclusively on the slopes. Here the air is light pleasant frost.

The climate will change from region to region. That is why it is important to advance "test the waters" just in the area where you plan to vacation. The maximum will be cool northern resorts. For example, in Thessaloniki in February days the level of mercury in the thermometer is unlikely to rise above 10 degrees Celsius. The islands will be even colder. There the air is rarely warmer than 8 degrees.

Features of the February holiday on the islands

Special attention is given to the sea in Greecewhile relaxing in February. It is often characterized by restless behavior. Not surprisingly, the pilgrimages to monasteries may take a little longer than originally planned. In February, with frequent ferry Uranapolisom interrupted. Also uncomfortable vacation at the end of winter is on the Ionian Islands. Frequent and heavy rainfall, strong wind dank, relatively low temperatures - all it does is not conducive to proper rest. If you really want to go on vacation just to the Greek islands, then it is advisable to choose Crete.

As for entertainment, they are reduced not only to the notorious tours for "fur". This is primarily tours to familiarize with outstanding architectural monuments of the country.

The most beautiful parts of the world - Greece

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  • Holidays in Greece in February
  • Holidays in Greece in February

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