Prices in Halkidiki - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money is taken in Halkidiki

Prices in Halkidiki

Prices in Halkidiki

Wonderful Greek resort of Halkidiki formthree Peninsula, lapped by the Aegean Sea. Today this area is among the most environmentally friendly resorts in the world. On holiday here, millions of tourists come every year. Tell us what prices in Chalkidiki to travel services.


In Chalkidiki there are hotels with a different number of stars. Here operate the hotel, are decorated in a classic and ultra-modern style. All hotels provide comfortable accommodation, transfers and comfortable vacation on the beaches. Full-service offering 4-5 * hotels. Spend a day in 2 * hotel costs about 270-300 euros. Number 4 * hotel can be rented for 600 euros per night. If you are looking to buy a week-long tour in Halkidiki, you will have to spend about 800-1200 Euro. A more elegant journey will cost much more expensive.

Activities and excursions

Halkidiki is considered one of the most beautifulpeninsulas of Greece. In addition, he is the center of beach tourism. Vacationers come here to enjoy the beach activities. On the beaches are available umbrellas and sunbeds at a reasonable price (3 euros per day). There can be inexpensive meal, enjoy a coffee and a muffin. Fans of outdoor activities waiting for sailing, surfing, beach volleyball and others. Attend courses yachting available for a nominal fee.

If you are interested in the cultural program,Use excursions. In Halkidiki has a number of attractions, world-famous -. Caves, abandoned gold mines, monasteries, etc. Excursion to Thessaloniki for 1 day costs 30 euros per person. Visit Meteor region can for 50 euros, the cave Petralona - for 35 euros.

What to buy tourist

Holidays in Halkidiki includes shopping. On the peninsula there are shopping centers and shops. Tourists purchase jewelry, souvenirs, pottery, clothing, gold and fur. Popular souvenirs with the image of interest resort, rosaries, icons, objects, consecrated on Mount Athos. Vacationers actively acquire olive oil and olives, which have the highest quality. Here you can buy a fur coat, but it is best for this purpose to visit Thessaloniki. The average price of mink coats is 2000-4500 euros. In Halkidiki on fur coats is about 500 euros extra charge.

Where to eat tourist

Central resort restaurants offervaried menu and excellent service, but the prices are high. Cheap and tasty meal can be in Greek taverns. Very popular tavern "Angelos", which serves national dishes of the country. The average bill in inexpensive restaurants Chalkidiki is 15 euros per person.


  • Prices in Halkidiki
  • Prices in Halkidiki
  • Prices in Halkidiki

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