Areas of Thessaloniki - the name, description, photos Thessaloniki areas where tourists stay

Districts Thessaloniki

Districts Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki district has interesting places to visit, which can not fail to please the guests in this Greek city.

Names and descriptions areas

  • Ano Poli: neighborhood with winding narrow streets and is suitable for hiking; here you can see the Byzantine walls, inside of which is located Semibashennik (at different times was a fort and prison), as well as the monastery Vlatadon (a repository of icons, manuscripts, old books, utensils, relics of the saints; here the guests will be invited to explore the underground ancient cistern) and Trigon tower (15th century this building was used to store gunpowder and weapons, not far from the tower is up to the observation deck to enjoy the city and capture what he saw in photographs).
  • Ladadika: day visitors will be glad to places where you can drink coffee in the evening - tavern (you can dine Greek cuisine and a glass of wine) and at night - a disco.
  • Valaoritos-Sigros: instead of once factories are here, then opened bars that will please fans of jazz, rock and other music.

Attractions Thessaloniki

Bring a tourist map, to make it easierfind important places of the city - the White Tower (its height - 34 m to visit open Byzantine Culture Museum, whose collection consists of 2900 exhibits in the form of jewelry, household items, icons, frescoes, vessels, coins and other things, you can get to the exhibition, if desired which is related to travel and trade, and is located on the second floor), the Basilica of St. Demetrius (interest 6 mosaic panels, painted dome, sanctuary, chapel with the remains of St. Demetrius and the relics AnisiiSolunskoy), the statue of Aristotle (according to legend, it is necessary to rub the big the left toe to the statue, to become smarter and wiser), Hagia Sophia (it is recommended to pay attention to the mosaic of the dome, which depicts the Ascension scene, and included a quote from the Acts of the apostles), arch and tomb of Galerius (the columns you can see the stone bas-reliefs depicting Emperor scenes military campaign), Archaeological Museum (paying 6 euros for entrance, serves to explore the gold medals, discs and crowns, bronze helmet, referring to the end of the 6th century BC, the statue of Harpocrates, etc.), bath Bay Hamam (they functioned until 1986, and now serves for diverse exhibitions and cultural events), Zoo (you can not just "get acquainted" with ferrets, reptiles, deer, foxes and other animals, but also to watch the waterfowl that live in local pond).

Where to stay tourists

Wishes to see the many architecturalMonuments can be accommodated in the center of Thessaloniki, but in addition to a rich cultural program them here would be "glad" the fuss and noise. Shoppers (in local boutiques selling clothes, jewelry and shoes), nocturnal and active life may be advisable to look for accommodation facilities in close proximity to the waterfront.

Photos Thessaloniki areas

  • Districts Thessaloniki
  • Districts Thessaloniki
  • Districts Thessaloniki

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