Beaches in Thessaloniki: photos, videos. The best sandy beaches in Thessaloniki (Greece)

Beaches in Thessaloniki

Beaches in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second largest cityGreece, behind Athens. You can come here, of course, with the aim to see the ancient monuments, but many come here to bathe in the gentle warm waters of the Aegean Sea. Only there's a trick: the best beaches in Thessaloniki are not in the industrial city, and beyond - in the suburbs. Only here you can be sure of the purity of nature. So we go by bus or car to the best sandy beaches of Thessaloniki, to be exact - on the beach at Thessaloniki.

Beach Perea

This is one of the most popular beaches in thisareas. From Thessaloniki beach separated by only 17 km. It is located in the resort town of Perea. In the daytime here tourists and locals sunbathe and swim, play beach volleyball in the evenings also take part in noisy parties.

Beach is sandy and the water is surprisingly clear. With regard to infrastructure, there is provided everything you need vacationers: deck chairs, umbrellas, volleyball field, a playground, a variety of bars and cafes. But you can just walk along the beach and admire the magnificent natural scenery.

Agia Triada

A little further on, in the 22 km from Thessaloniki can bevisit another beautiful beach on this coast. Country, where the beach is also called Agia Triada. It is very good to relax with the whole family. Getting to the beach is possible by public bus - they run every 30 minutes - and experience the atmosphere of a comfortable beach holiday. It's nice that in contrast to the wild beaches are installed cabanas, umbrellas with deck chairs, arranged volleyball and tennis courts. For kids there is a playground, and for the mothers and fathers - bars and taverns. Here there are hotels and small shops. Beach - sand and water - an unusually clear. In the evening on the beach come not only swim, but also to watch the amazing sunsets.

Beach Angelochori

A paradise for lovers of water sports - a beachAngelochori. It has everything provided for already become traditional windsurfing, and for a new type of water sports - kite surfing. This place is 30 kilometers from Thessaloniki, in a small village, which is Angelochori name. In honor of it called the beach itself. And surprisingly, despite the smear here athletes, even the best in the midst of the summer season, look for a quiet corner to relax. Water has umbrellas, deck chairs but on all comers may not be enough.

Beach Nea Michaniona

More farther from the center of Thessaloniki Nea spaced beachMichaniona - 32 kilometers. Nevertheless, this place is worth it to get here and enjoy the beauty of nature. You have to get to dlyaietogo Michaniona municipality. The local beach Nea Michaniona landscaped as you can find cafes and bars, volleyball courts, in general, is the perfect place to spend an active holiday.

Sandy Beach, an unusually warm sea, anda stunning panorama of majestic mighty hills, amid the vast sea bottom and serene light blue sky from above - all this leads somewhere far away from the daily bustle.

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  • Beaches in Thessaloniki
  • Beaches in Thessaloniki
  • Beaches in Thessaloniki
  • Beaches in Thessaloniki

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