Taxis in Thessaloniki - price, order. How much is a taxi in Thessaloniki

Taxis in Thessaloniki

Taxis in Thessaloniki

Taxis in Thessaloniki - a blue and white cars, travel in which you can pay for a meter reading, and at fixed prices (this applies to popular destinations).

Taxi services in Thessaloniki

Upon arrival at the airport you can hire a taxi tolocated next to the parking lot, or make an order for the supply of the machine, using the services of radio-taxi "EuroTaxi" (+30 2310 86 68 66). This company is at the customer's request to provide them with cars with increased capacity (they fit 5-7 people) or car for safe transportation of people with disabilities, as well as car rental service will provide both without and with driver.

As the rest stop in ThessalonikiFree car on the street is quite difficult, it is advisable to go to look for her on one of the sites located in the popular tourist locations in the central squares, in shops (they are marked on the asphalt yellow stripe). It is worth noting that the free car sign will light up on the roof: "ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΟΣ".

Another convenient way - to call a taxi forfollowing numbers (after calling a taxi pulls up for a few minutes, and for the return journey, as a rule, drivers do not require you to pay): "Levkos Pyrgos": + 30 2310 21 49 00; "Thessaloniki": + 30 2 310 55 15 25; "Omega": + 30 210 51 18 55; "Macedonia": + 30 2310 55 05 00.

Important: calling the driver the destination is important to inform not only the desired street and house number, but also the region, as there are in different parts of the street with the same name.

The cost of a taxi in Thessaloniki

Get an idea of ​​how much is a taxi in Thessaloniki, will acquaintance with the tariffs in force in the local taxi:

  • for landing passengers are asked to pay 3 euros (phoning a taxi you will have to pay another 1.95 euros, and if you make an order to supply machines to a specific time, your travel costs will increase by 4.5-6 euros), per km of track - 0.8 euros;
  • ride of the night rate (it is turned on after midnight and 06:00 as well as on holidays and weekends), as well as in the suburbs will cost 2 times more expensive than a trip in the daytime in the city;
  • traveling from or to the airport include the fare surcharge of 4 euros, and for luggage will have to pay 0.5 euros / 1st place.

On average, a trip through the city costs about 20-25 euros and from the airport to the city center - 50 euros.

If the driver refuses to turn on the meter orthe device will be defective, the cost of travel should discuss prior to departure in the way. Important: if the driver wants to take you apart inside the car more passengers, do not hesitate to make a remark to him, and to show their displeasure.

Thessaloniki is famous for its museums, Byzantine and early Christian architectural monuments, which are more comfortable to get to the only local taxi.

Photos Taxi in Thessaloniki

  • Taxis in Thessaloniki
  • Taxis in Thessaloniki
  • Taxis in Thessaloniki

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