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Tours in Thessaloniki

Tours in Thessaloniki

The second largest city in the land of ancient Greeceand one of the tourist capitals of the Balkans, Thessaloniki is also a major seaport. There is always a lot of tourists who prefer to enjoy the Mediterranean and all its attendant pleasures associated with this region. And tours in Thessaloniki - this knowledge and history of Greece and its great natives. It was in Thessaloniki were born creators of the Slavic alphabet Cyril and Methodius, and here UNESCO has taken under his protection a few architectural monuments of world importance.

History and geography

All cities that are or once were in Greece,usually associated with the history and ancient culture. Thessaloniki no exception, if only because that founded them in 315 BC king of Macedonia, Cassander. Named the city after his wife Thessalonica, he combined in his features several small villages on the shores of the Gulf. As usual, the Romans could not pass such a success and captured Thessaloniki after only one hundred and fifty years after its founding.
During the following centuries, the peaceful campaignsCity have made many peoples and armies. There were noted Arabs and Goths, Slavs and Saracens, Bulgarians and Normans of Sicily, and then the Ottomans and completely made it his fiefdom in which the result was even born father of the Turkish people Ataturk. The Greeks won Thessaloniki only at the beginning of the twentieth century, and today more than a million people live here and in the suburbs.

Briefly about the importance

  • The climate in this part of the Greek Mediterranean, butwith elements of semi-desert and continental. That is why in the summer heat can reach 40 degrees, and in winter the thermometers often fall to +5. The water warms up for a comfortable swim to the end of May, and at the time tours in Thessaloniki is the choice of thousands of travelers from all over Europe. By late October, the heat subsides and the swimming season in the last days of autumn ends.
  • To get to the resort from Moscow can be director a flight with a connection in one of the European capitals. direct flight time tours for participants to Thessaloniki from Russia capital is 3.5 hours.
  • Hotel pool at the resort is presented andhotels of the world famous lines, and family-run guesthouse. The concept of star the Greeks some of their own, and therefore is not to focus on the status and on the reviews from other travelers. In any case, the hospitality and friendly attitude of the guests are guaranteed regardless of the room price per night.


  • Tours in Thessaloniki
  • Tours in Thessaloniki

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