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Even a simple enumeration names of localRegions sounds like a table of contents of a textbook on the history of the ancient world. This is a state in the Balkans, called the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy. In every region of Greece has its own sights and memorable places, and it is here that there was a theater, and the first Olympic Games were born the exact sciences and philosophy have been carried out.

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Total administrative-territorialstructure of the country there are more than three hundred pieces, among them - 7 decentralized administrations, 13 regions and 325 municipalities. Separate and special status of the Autonomous Monastic State of the Holy Mountain.
Names of each region of Greece known to manymore travelers from the curriculum. On the lessons of history have repeatedly mentioned the Attica and Ionia, Macedonia and Thrace, Thessaly and the Peloponnese. Active tourists, for which there is only a beach holiday combined with an interesting excursion program, selected Aegean Islands Crete or as a place for holidays or vacations.

On Mount Athos

The special status of Mount Athos monastic republicset in 1923, when Greece's sovereignty over the peninsula of Halkidiki, where the monastery, was enshrined in law the Lausanne Agreement. Twenty-Orthodox monasteries existed since 1313 and is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and the pilgrimage of tens of thousands of believers. The main rule of visiting the holy mountains is very simple: here are not allowed female. For the attempt to break the centuries-old law can be sentenced to prison terms ranging from six months to a year.

Familiar strangers

For fans of the ancient sites of greatest interest are the following Greek region:

  • Thessaly and Central Greece, and where thethe capital of country. Athens is often called the cradle of Western civilization and touch the historical roots strive each year more and more travelers to and from Russia. Thessalian mountains and famous for another amazing miracle - the monasteries of Meteora, that clinging to the tops of pyatisotmetrovyh rocks like swallows' nests. Here, in contrast to the Mount Athos, you can come and the beautiful half of the tourist fraternity.
  • Central Macedonia and Thessaloniki - notOnly Greece Beach area, but also a real open-air museum. UNESCO lists appear here ten objects, the most famous of which - Arch Gallery with mosaics of IV century and the church of Hagia Sophia was built in the end of VII century.


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