Greece River - pictures, list description

Greece River

Greece River

Greece River numerically small and relativelyshort, but at the same time it has a very rapid current. Many of them are taken out of the limestone caves in torrents. The rivers of the country are extremely interesting for fans of river tourism and alloys.

River Eurotas

Eurotas (yet it is called Eurotas) - smallGreek river, a total length of just eighty-two kilometers. And while Eurotas is the largest river in the region of Laconia. Ends Eurotas their way, falling into the waters of the Ionian Sea. According to legend, the water, periodically flood plains, he took to the sea Eurotas. That's his name, and the river got its name.

River Haliacmon

Haliacmon - the country's longest river, the totalthe length of which is 322 kilometers. The source of the river is located in the mountain Pindos system (about the border with Albania). Mouth - Thermaikos Gulf (Aegean Sea).

River Acheron

Translated from the Greek language sounds Acheronas the "river of sorrow". And for lovers of Greek mythology Acheron - a special place. After all, it is the boundary between the realm of the living and the dead, and it was for her somber Charon ferried into the afterlife of Hades the souls of dead people. Great Dante thought of Acheron is the first circle of hell. It sounds a bit scary, but it is this river attracts.

River throughout the fifty-eightkilometers, but the time to change its course in triplicate. In the upper reaches of the Acheron making its way through the rocky hills. Then she squeezed water are dark and very narrow gorge, and only after reaching the plain of the river quietly carries its waters to the coast of the Ionian Sea.

The river offers all the conditions for practicing trekking and rafting.

Kurtalis River on the island of Crete

Kourtaliotis also known by another name -Big River. Pass it along the bottom of the gorge Kurtaliotskogo. The river never dries up and the largest water level registered about St. Nicholas Church, where she falls numerous waterfalls.

Going beyond the gorge, the river carries its watersPrevelis across the beach and into the sea. The water in the river is very cold and it is absolutely clear. The beach is a popular entertainment - get out of the warm sea water and plunge into the icy waters of Kourtaliotis.

River Nestos

Another major river of Greece - its lengthtwo hundred and forty kilometers. It is situated in the northern part of the country and close (just thirty kilometers) from the city of Kavala. Billabong - waters of the Aegean Sea.

Nestos - extraordinarily beautiful river locatedin one of the most scenic regions of northern Greece. It is surrounded by high mountain ranges, and the banks are covered with pine forests. On the banks of the river laid a lot of hiking trails for fans of eco-tourism, and water used Nestos rafting.


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