The ski resorts of Greece: photos, reviews. Skiing in Greece

Skiing in Greece

Skiing in Greece

Country Sirtaki, famous salad and oldestarchitectural landmarks, Greece offers a variety of leisure activities for traveling fans. Besides visiting historical ruins and gorgeous beach activities in the country is the perfect place to go skiing and do other winter sports.

The equipment and lines

Almost forty years ago opened a ski resortGreece in the mountains of Parnassus. He immediately became a favorite with locals, as it separates from the capital, less than 200 kilometers. Today Parnassus Resort and foreign tourists prefer. There are several reasons, but most importantly - affordable prices and a high level of service and trails. The season opens on Parnassus in December and lasts until mid-spring. It is equipped with two dozen tracks, each of which is labeled in accordance with the level of complexity. Five of them are "black", that allows to visit Parnassos even high-level professionals. The resort has 14 ski lifts, total capacity of more than 13 thousand people per hour. This allows you to avoid the queues and crush.
The ski resorts of Greece - it is also a resortThey sat down at Vermio mountain in Macedonia. It is called one of the best in the country. Season in Seli begins in December and lasts three months. Total is equipped with 12 runs, including both simple and complex. The length of slopes is 20 kilometers, and seven lifts begin its work as early as 9 am. For snowboarders, the resort is equipped fun park, where you can fulfill even the most complex somersault. If hotels Seli seem not quite cheap, you can stay in the cities close to the resort established uninterrupted bus service.

Activities and excursions

Resort visitors Parnassus book a hotel inArachova, where the evening boils turbulent cultural life. The tasting of Greek cuisine and local wines accompanied by the concert programs, and shopping in the local stores are delighted not only the fair sex.
Choose a resort Seli as Loungeswelcome the opportunity to go on an excursion to the ancient city of Vergina, which served as the capital of the Macedonian state. Visit the graves of the kings and churches that were built in the era of the Byzantine Empire prosperity, it is a mandatory program of excursions.

Photos of Greece ski resorts

  • Skiing in Greece
  • Skiing in Greece

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