What to take to Greece. What kind of things and medications to take with him to Greece

What to take to Greece

What to take to Greece

If you are going to relax in Greece, do not take it with youheftier. In this country, possible good shopping, so you buy the necessary things in place. Lightweight travel bag guarantees you a pleasant journey. In addition, you do not have to pay for the services of porters. What to take to Greece to travel light? We have prepared for you a list of the most necessary things.

How to put on the tourist

Kind of clothes depends on the purpose of the visit to the country. If you want to relax on the beach, then take a simple and light clothing. You will need a hat, protective sunscreen and sunglasses. If you do not use protection from the sun, it can burn even during the tour. For walks in the coastal zone, take beach shoes. The special shoes you can walk on the pebbles and sand. The water is also recommended to go in the shoes to protect your feet from sea urchins, crabs and jellyfish. You need a swimsuit and towel for sea bathing. If desired, any beach accessories can be purchased on the Greek resort.
If you are on study tours,then forget about the shoes with heels. Comfortable sandals - is the best option for exploring the city. For everyday wear in Greece Need shirts, T-shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses and other summer clothes. In the case of dinner at a restaurant to grab a beautiful dress. A man has to take closed shoes and summer clothes. Most luxury hotels in the country used the dress code. This nuance kindly check with your tour operator. Going to Greece in the summer, can not particularly think about choosing things. At this time, the country has warm, and rain is rare. If you plan to go in the winter, you will need warm clothing. In Greece, not cold, but very damp.
If you are going to visit the ski resorts in the country,use the appropriate equipment. Choice of clothing in any case is yours. But things have to be comfortable and versatile. Do not bring clothes that are easy to get dirty and wrinkled. Items of your wardrobe should be in harmony with each other. In case you can put the jeans, T-shirts. Girls are recommended to take a long and a short skirt, a pair of blouses and tops. You will also need a few pairs of underwear.

What else to take tourists

The traveler never hurts guide. It will help you get more saturated and vivid impression about the country. Bring a money. If you need anything during your holiday, you can buy this in any city in Greece. Before you leave, check whether all documents are in place. Also, do not forget to set the standard drugs for the tourist: analgesics, antipyretics, and preparations for the normalization of digestion.

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