Airports in Guatemala - the list of international airports in Guatemala

Airports in Guatemala

Airports in Guatemala

Lost in the jungle temples of Guatemala - a tastypiece for fans of ancient history and architecture. Russian tourists - not too frequent visitors to Guatemala airport. But those who dare to buy a ticket to the descendants of the ancient Maya, you can only envy - impressions from the trip last long!
No direct flights between Moscow and Guatemala not,Russian travelers are willing to take on board the Lufthansa, Iberia, KLM and Air France. Excluding connections journey time will be at least 16 hours.

The international airports in Guatemala

Both the main airport in Guatemala have international status, but the number and diversity of flights taken significantly different:

  • La Aurora International Airport is located 6km from the center of Guatemala City. His recent upgrade allows us to consider this air harbor corresponding to high international standards. The city where the airport is located, - the capital of the country, but because here fly side of the plurality of states of the Western Hemisphere, and direct flights from Madrid.
  • The schedule Mundo Maya airport in the city of Flores in the north of Guatemala flights appear from the capital and neighboring Belize.

metropolitan area

La Aurora International Airport was overhauled in 2008 and today its two terminal - Central and North - to serve up to 2 million passengers per year..
It offers Capital Airport Guatemala - cafes and snack bars, exchange offices, and lounges, among which there are VIP-lounges.
Transfer to the city carried out by taxi and public transport - bus stop is located at the exit of the terminal.
The main airlines flying to Guatemala airport:

  • Iberia, operates direct flights to Madrid, Spain.
  • Aeromexico, linking the capital of Mexico with Guatemala City.
  • American Airlines, which transports passengers to Dallas and Miami.
  • Copa Airlines, in whose schedule has regular flights from Guatemala airport in Managua, Panama City and San Jose.
  • United Airlines, flying to New York and Washington.
  • Delta Air Lines, on whose wings easy access to Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Also a lot of flights from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela and Honduras sent its planes daily from their own capitals in Guatemala.

Spare airport

Those who wish to dive in Belize and enjoythe richness of the underwater world of its Barrier Reef suitable Guatemala Flores Airport. Hence, regular flights to Belize City performs airline Tropic Air. The capital from the international airport in Flores can be reached sides of the national carrier Avianca Guatemala. Airport Mundo Maya - this is the best way to get to the famous Mayan city of Tikal, whose ruins in the jungles of Guatemala and attract the vast majority of travelers.
Transfer to Flores can take a taxi, which is very expensive in the country. The only passenger terminal and the city center shared by only about 5 km.


  • Airports in Guatemala
  • Airports in Guatemala

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