Guatemala Coat of Arms: photo, value, description

Guatemala Coat of Arms

Guatemala Coat of Arms

The modern coat of arms of Guatemala approved in 1968. A first coat of arms of the country have been approved in the 19th century. Since then, they have evolved several times.

The main components of the coat of arms and their symbols

  • A branch of the olive tree. It symbolizes the victory.
  • Quetzal bird. It is a symbol of freedom of the Guatemalan people.
  • Scroll, which in Spanish is an inscription: "On 15 September - a year classifieds Central America's independence."
  • Remington Rifles (crossed). They warn that Guatemala is constantly ready to fight for their independence.
  • Crossed swords. They are symbols of honor.

How did the coat of arms

Coat of arms of the country arose in 1871, atbased decorative composition, which was decorated with a palace on the occasion of the arrival of the liberal government. Figure liked liberals, and they decided to adopt it as the national emblem.

quetzal bird was taken not by chance: it was used as an emblem in different areas of Guatemala in the 40-ies. 19th century. And it has been selected as the emblem because it is the local people as sacred. Its feathers adorned the nobles, and the rulers were considered inviolable.

Various modifications of the coat of arms

Over the years, the coat of arms of Guatemala had different views andform. Thus, during the United Provinces of Central America used the symbolism of the French Revolution. The main character - an equilateral triangle and a chain of five volcanoes. Is used and the type of the Phrygian cap.

In the period 1825 - 1842-ies. the coat of arms there have been some modifications. First of all, the inscription changed, and has come to mean, "The State of Guatemala and the center of the federation." The inscription surrounded quiver, arrows, cornucopia, bow, arrows, and palm branches. There was also the date of the proclamation of the independence of Guatemala.

The same inscription was preserved in 1843 -the next time the emblem modification. And instead of the Phrygian cap appeared on the arms of the solar disk. With emblem disappeared bow, arrows, cornucopia, and add a branch of olive tree.

Another its modification has occurred in the distant1858. At the time of the emblem disappeared column with an inscription on it, arrows, and volcanoes have become similar to those that were on the arms during the colonial period. Sun moved to the top of the coat of arms. This image was surrounded by four new flags, and a wreath of oak and laurel. The coat of arms was the most similar to modern.


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