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Tourism in Honduras

Tourism in Honduras

Many tourists do not take into account a small,State, meanwhile, here there are three pillars on which rests and tourism in Honduras. Come here the travelers were surprised to discover a luxurious holiday on the Caribbean coast, get acquainted with the ancient civilizations of the Maya tribes and learn about the mysterious world of the tropical jungle.

In addition, Honduras diving, ornithological get excited about finding new species of parrots, to plunge into the life of the ordinary Hondurans by ecotourism.

Gastronomic campaign

The main products that are used by localresidents, is beans and rice, seafood, potatoes, cheese. In Honduras, its cooking secrets of some products, there is a national dish that can surprise the tourists vacationing in exotic countries. It is understood that the maize in Europe, better known as maize, is a common plant. From it are prepared many delicious dishes, cereals, cakes and pies with various fillings.

Prudence will not interfere

Since Honduras is a country of the thirdworld, full of tourists safety can be ensured only himself. There are many who want to verify that keeps in her purse unwary tourists and whether he has a good camera.

It is also important to take care of their health,sunscreen, repellent. It would be nice to have a small stock of medicines first aid. Closely related to the products and use the liquid.

Travel to the capital

Many tourists arriving in Honduras withcognitive purposes. First of all try to get to Tegucigalpa, the capital of ancient civilizations. Narrow streets, amazing architecture, houses, churches, mysterious atmosphere of bygone tribal life - a journey into the past-an invitation, you can not refuse.

Chocolate heaven

Tour operators working in Honduras, seeking tosurprise here falling travelers. One such interesting proposals become a tourist route, which focuses on cocoa. Chocolate will enable travelers to get acquainted with the technology of cultivation, producing, processing of cocoa and of course, enjoy tasting delicious, useful and beverage products based on chocolate.

These offer sightseeing tours of Peru,Brazil, Ecuador. But Hondurans know that they have their own characteristics, such as special furnace for drying and other trade secrets. Special fairs and other promotional activities will be conducted to popularize the chocolate tour project.


  • Tourism in Honduras
  • Tourism in Honduras
  • Tourism in Honduras

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