Beaches of Hong Kong Island. The best sandy beaches in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Beaches

Hong Kong's Beaches

Not long ago, Hong Kong was"City-state", and since then it has remained well-developed infrastructure, a number of business buildings and interesting exhibitions, beautiful parks and a variety of shops, but few people know that the beach here industry also put on a grand scale. I wonder why so many unfair guides contain information about the beaches in Hong Kong, while those here, there are as many as forty, with this free beaches. At the same time they can not be called the wild, as the municipality is making every effort to coastal areas contained in the order and protected. But that's not all: if you add up all of the remaining beaches - the wild and private, they will be typed more about fifty.

Before choosing a place to relax by the water,good idea to inquire about a particular beach. For example, locals know that the beaches on the western peninsula of Kowloon it is better not to go, because that is what the coast is washed by the river with a beautiful name Pearl. However, the water carried her far pearls and industrial waste from the Chinese province of Guangdong. By the way, public beaches here and there, just wild.

Also be aware that after heavy rains the waterIt gets a lot of debris, so it's best to wait until it will be removed employees of public utilities, and only then "nominated" to the best sandy beaches in Hong Kong.

Total in Hong Kong, there are four mainArea: Hong Kong Island itself, the Kowloon Peninsula, a lot of the surrounding islands and the so-called New Territories. Among the largest islands are considered to Lantau and Lamma. Therefore, it makes sense to organize information about the beaches at least on the islands.

Hong Kong Island Beaches

There are beaches on the south-east. Altogether there are twelve, that's the best ones:

  • Shek O (Shek O) - in the opinion of visitors, the best beach in all of Hong Kong;
  • Chhinsёy (Repulse Bay) - a very popular and perhaps the most beautiful beach in Hong Kong;
  • Samsø (Deep Water Bay) - the beach with very convenient access, but at the same time nemnogolyudny;
  • Taaylon (Big Wave Bay) - beach, specialized in surfing, but really big waves here are only a strong wind or typhoon.
  • Naam (South Bay) - a beautiful beach, to arrange for him a night picnic;
  • Sinsithayfaan (St. Stephen's) - beach, where there are no large crowds, so it is ideal for a relaxing vacation.

Lantau Island Beaches

Lantau - a large island, so it could fit five beaches:

  • Puyo (Pui O) - the best beach on the island for surfing;
  • Ngankuon (Silvermine Bay);
  • Thanfok (Tong Fuk);
  • Thanfok (Tong Fuk);
  • Hachhёnsa (Lower Cheung Sha).

Lamma Island Beaches

The island is less than Lantau, but there are two beaches:

  • Lousousin (Lo So Sing);
  • Hunsine (Hung Shing Yeh).

    Pictures of Hong Kong beaches

  • Hong Kong's Beaches
  • Hong Kong's Beaches
  • Hong Kong's Beaches
  • Hong Kong's Beaches
  • Hong Kong's Beaches

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