Hong Kong for 3 days: where to go in Hong Kong

Hong Kong for 3 days

Hong Kong for 3 days

In this city fall in love unconditionally with the firstminutes of being there. Its fantastic views, a special flavor, which entwined oriental charm and western rhythm, do not leave anyone indifferent leisure traveler or busy businessman. Go to Hong Kong for 3 days for business or pleasure, you need to have time to see all the fun to remember later with warmth about the city, as if descended from the pages of science fiction novel.

Peak behalf of Her Majesty

The most beautiful view of the Hong Kong opens withVictoria Peak - the mountain where travelers can get by using an old funicular. In its mountain cabins rising rapidly, and the windows flashed tower skyscrapers-colored lights. Weather for the visit to the observation deck of Victoria peak should choose the most clear to perpetual smog over the city as little as possible interfere with the contemplation of the beauty of Hong Kong.
Going down on the back and crossedthe mainland part of the city, is to finish the day by dining in one of the many restaurants on the waterfront. It opened its own Walk of Fame, including laureates - Bruce Lee and many other film stars.

From the book of records

Every evening on the waterfront guests haveopportunity to see the laser show "Symphony of Lights", which is attended by the most famous skyscrapers. Representation got into the record books and in the evening on the waterfront gather thousands of enthusiastic travelers with photo and video cameras.
However, Hong Kong for 3 days and is able to givemany others, a record in the number of entertainment programs emotions. A whole day can be devoted to staying in Ocean Park. This entertainment center is renowned for its many shows and attractions. The park is the cable car, built on the mountains and the ocean expanse and the surrounding species are able to cause delight even experienced travelers.

Comfortable bears and clever dolphins

Yet the main attractionOcean Park - this is not a roller coaster, which is breathtaking, and rafting on a mountain river. Despite the attractiveness of its attractions, all of the guests for hours spend in enclosures with large pandas, watch that does not bother either children or adults. Lovely bears cause admiration and emotion, allowing for hours taking pictures of themselves and showing no signs of anxiety or discontent.
Finish the visit to an amusement park in Hong Kong for 3 days it is best to visit the dolphinarium, which are involved in representations of gay and cheerful dolphins and funny and clumsy seals.


  • Hong Kong for 3 days
  • Hong Kong for 3 days

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