Prices in Hong Kong - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to Hong Kong

Prices in Hong Kong

Prices in Hong Kong

Compared to the major cities of Asia, Hong Kong prices are quite high, but here you can relax on a budget option, if desired.

Shopping and souvenirs

For shopping in Hong Kong from a wide rangeYou can purchase quality items at reasonable prices. Many shops can be found in the area Nsim Sha Tsui, the luxurious shopping centers - in Central and Gulf Kouzvey. No less interesting place for shopping may be the Stanley market (the southern part of Hong Kong Island).

In memory of Hong Kong should bring:

  • clothes, Chinese cosmetics, watches andjewelry, ornaments and jade, electronics, traditional Chinese dishes (tea set, bowls of rice), discs with Chinese music, porcelain cats, articles of pearls, set of mahjong;
  • tea, dried seafood, Chinese pastries in holiday sets (it has a long shelf life), spicy Chinese herbs and roots, Chinese wine.

In Hong Kong, you can buy products made of silk from $ 70,Pearls - from $ 50, tea - from $ 20, Chinese fan - from $ 5, scrolls with sayings - from $ 10, tea set - from $ 5 Chinese umbrella - from $ 10, jade figurines - from $ 15.

Excursions and Entertainment

On the tour of Hong Kong, you will visit the Bay, Victoria Peak, Aberdeen fishing village, amusement park Ocean Park. This tour costs about $ 70-75.

Fans of outdoor activities isgo on a tour of the farm and the Botanical Garden Kaduri. This excursion will last all day - it involves a walk through the valleys and winding paths, which you get to the top of the mountain Kwun Yam Shan (from here you can admire stunning views of the New Territories and Kowloon Peninsula). Tour price - from $ 150.

During a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland (aday) you will pay $ 40 (children's ticket costs $ 26). To have fun, to visit an amusement park Ocean Park (there is the aquarium, water park and other entertainment zones). The approximate price for staying in the park - $ 27.

Be sure to go to the Botanical andZoological gardens, the entrance to which will set you free. And he went up on the side of the ferry and paid only $ 1, you will be able to ride on the Victoria Harbour.


For travel by bus to the end of the 1 you pay$ 0.6-1.2, and for travel, valid for a week - $ 16. As the price of admission to the Hong Kong subway depend on the distance and location of stations in certain areas, it is better to buy a special ticket Tourist Day Pass, valid for 24 hours (it costs $ 7.5). 1 A trip on the average costs $ 1. If you decide to travel by taxi, the landing you have to pay $ 2.3 + $ 3.2 - for each kilometer traveled.

On holiday in Hong Kong, you'll need at least $ 40 per day for 1 person (accommodation in hostel, meals in cheap restaurants and eateries).


  • Prices in Hong Kong
  • Prices in Hong Kong
  • Prices in Hong Kong

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