Hong Kong Spa: photos, description

Hong Kong Resorts

Hong Kong Resorts

Chinese Hong Kong - a city of business and neboskrebnyin every way. It held countless exhibitions and symposiums, scientific conferences and business meetings. But there is a category of travelers who want to get on the beach resorts of Hong Kong, located on the shores of the South China Sea.

"For" or "Against"?

Beach holidays in the resorts in Hong Kong - not quitethe usual tourist destinations. In this colorful metropolis, which absorbed many cultures and traditions, typically flying at an exhibition or drop in for a few days as part of pan-Chinese tour:

  • Hong Kong - the city is not the cheapest beachrecreation, and therefore have to prepare the N-th sum for accommodation in local hotels. But the food here is much easier - the resorts of Hong Kong there is a great variety of restaurants catering to every nation of the world, and prices in them are quite affordable.
  • The long flight to a special administrativeChina region and not too cheap to more than compensate for the sea of ​​interesting impressions. Especially if you travel to Hong Kong resorts combined with a review of the interest of China.
  • And a trip to Hong Kong - it is a greatoption diverse and inexpensive shopping. Boutiques of all renowned brands and a high-quality clothing and footwear brands are presented here in a huge variety. Furs and jewelry, perfume and handbags - Hong Kong stores are ready to surprise and genuine masterpieces, and not less than quality "replicas."

Under the hot sun of the south

All city beaches are located on thethe opposite side of the harbor waters of Hong Kong Island and the nearby small islands, and because water and sand are clean here, despite the proximity of such a monster.
The most popular and convenient regulars considerHong Kong's Repulse Bay resort. Luxury bay where the beach is equipped, it is considered the coolest area of ​​the city. The local property prices tend inexorably into the stratosphere, and their owners can afford a helicopter as taxi. Hotels and shopping cents on the Repulse Bay - at every turn, and excellent equipment Beach makes it very convenient for families.
Rescuers and mesh fences from sharks turnGolden Beach beach in absolutely safe for swimming. Created artificially in the New Territories of Hong Kong, the resort allows you to spend time actively. On the beach you can play volleyball, diving and learn to ride a jet ski.


  • Hong Kong Resorts
  • Hong Kong Resorts

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