Excursions in Hong Kong. Sightseeing tours in Hong Kong

Tours in Hong Kong

Tours in Hong Kong

Russian tourists who are accustomed to the paralytic,rest on the Turkish or Egyptian beaches - infrequent participants in exciting trips to Asian countries. Many Russians do not even know how interesting they may be for excursions in Hong Kong - a city that has prepared for foreign tourists a lot of pleasant surprises.

The city has some of the most interesting tourist places and attractions that every traveler seeks to see in the first place:

  1. Famous Hong Kong temples.
  2. The islands near the town.
  3. Two well-known theme parks.
  4. Buddhist monasteries.
  5. Urban gardens.

Excursion to the most famous temple in Hong Kong

Before Hong Kong - a city located on a smallisland and not become completely Chinese - can be easily reached by ferry. First of all the tourists who are interested in the religious past and present of China, sent to Van Tay Singh - Taoist temple are included in all excursions.

First of all, here come those who seeklearn from local predictors of all-knowing what awaits them in the near or distant future. Many travelers come here to admire the magnificent building of the temple, unusual for them to purchase sticks, smelling the aromas of incense, and to observe religious ceremonies.

Excursions to the islands

Extremely popular with tourists onFor several decades, are sightseeing tours to the islands, located near Hong Kong. On Cheung Chau - a small, long island - usually sent to those tourists who want to feel the quietness of nature, admire the beauty of the local churches and to take part in the festival rolls, held in the spring.

On Lamma - another famous island -travelers going in the first place for the beauty of the unique nature. Interested parties can in the summer on a sunny day a little sunbathing on the local beach and take a dip in the local warm sea, known for its cleanliness. Local nature does not lose its magnificence even in cloudy weather.

The famous theme parks

Both children and their parents always enjoyed visitingDisneyland and Ocean Park - two of the most interesting centers of a wide variety of entertainment and popular attractions. If the first is not much different from the same park in other tourist centers of the world, the second is a unique place.

The most famous attractions of the park include:

  1. "The show of marine jellyfish."
  2. "The Dragon".
  3. "Flying swing."
  4. "Ferris wheel".
  5. "Eagle".
  6. "Reef atoll."
  7. "Crazy Galleon."
  8. "Flash".

Ocean Park Visitors are amazedthe size of a large aquarium, which is home to the ferocious sharks, spotted stingrays and fish found commonly on the seabed. Crowds of tourists watch the uneven life rare in nature pandas or clever ideas become spectators bottlenose - dolphin species - and nimble sea lions.

Exciting sightseeing tours

A variety of sightseeing tours in Hong Kongwishing to offer more exciting programs to visit Buddhist monasteries and urban gardens, as well as a tour of the main attractions of the city. Always a lot of wishing to take part in walking and bus tours in the city with a visit to Victoria Peak, with a viewing platform where you can see almost the entire city and the adjoining long-term, small islands.

Any tour, regardless of itsduration, will leave a lot of the most pleasant experiences and acquaint travelers with the most interesting places in Hong Kong - the city where the distant past gets along great with rapidly changing present. Although full of life, many tourists feel comfortable here and always wanted to see their favorite places again.

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