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Transport in Hong Kong

Transport in Hong Kong

Transport in Hong Kong is famous for its diversity: travelers can travel by ferries, cable cars, subways, buses, double-decker trams ...

The main modes of transport in Hong Kong

  • Buses: it is worth considering that they only stop at passengers' request - to get on the bus, you need to raise your hand, and to come out - press a special button, thus notifying the driver. The city shuttle and minibuses, but it is advisable to use them only knowing Cantonese, because the driver stopped and the passengers were able to get out, they have to shout loudly to him the name of your stop.
  • Metro: Subway in Hong Kong consists of 10 lines, and the entrances to the station marked with the symbol, resembling a Russian letter "F". At the stations and in the trains must pay attention to the screens with the running line - there are communicated the names of the stations and other useful information in both Chinese and English. All those wishing to have the opportunity to set their smartphones a special application, with which you can plan your route (to calculate the travel time and cost of travel, there will be information on how to leave a station or seats).
  • Funiculars: you can use the funicular rail to climb Victoria Peak, or the cable car to get to the giant Buddha statues.
  • Ferry over water you can get, for example, the Kowloon Peninsula of Hong Kong Island (the trip takes about 10 minutes).
  • Tram: take a ride on a double-decker trams can be on tram lines laid between Kennedy Town and areas Saau Gay Vahan.

Upon arrival in Hong Kong it is advisable to getuniversal travel pass Octopus Card (plastic card that can be replenished at the ticket offices or machines). If desired, you can buy a tourist travel Day Pass (he gives the right to unlimited travel on all public transport throughout the day).


Taxis in Hong Kong are many - they are red(City taxis, which travels around Hong Kong), blue (the cheapest, plying on Lantau Island) and green (there are in the New Territories, Disneyland and the airport) color. It is worth noting that the driver has the right not to take up the passengers, if he does not want to buckle up (this also applies to sitting in the rear seats). Important: Smoking is prohibited in taxis, and in addition to you can take fares in tunnels and toll highways. You should know that at the end of the trip the driver is obliged to give you a check.

Car rent

Before you rent a car in Hong Kong, it is necessarywell weigh all: in addition to what is valid drive on the left, it is very intense. In addition, there is a rather complicated network of roads, and found the place (they are quite expensive) parking is very problematic.

It's worth noting that the road signs are duplicated inChinese and English, and for violation of traffic rules are provided heavy penalties. Those who are not afraid of difficulties, can rent a car in the presence of an international driver's license. Important: traveling to Hong Kong, you will not be able to travel all over China (Arrival need special numbers).

With access to the well-developed transport system, Hong Kong (available land, water, underground transport) offers to comfortably move it from one area to another.


  • Transport in Hong Kong
  • Transport in Hong Kong
  • Transport in Hong Kong

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