Alone in Budapest trip routes. Travel to Budapest

Independent travel to Budapest

Independent travel to Budapest

The Hungarian capital - the city is very attractivefor independent traveler. A huge number of monuments, museums and cultural facilities make it one of the most visited in the Old World. If you add to this list the advantages of inexpensive accommodation, excellent cuisine and the opportunity to improve their health in one of the city's hot springs, it becomes clear why Budapest is becoming a destination in search of tickets to Europe.

When to go to Budapest?

The city of seven bridges across the Danube may becomea worthy venue for your holiday or vacation in any season. In winter it is possible to estimate the extent of the Christmas fairs and festivals and enjoy the beautifully decorated squares and streets. Spring in Budapest - a city of flowers and warm evenings on the Danube, and the summer heat is mitigated by the possibility to visit the baths and spend time in the shade of the best parks in Europe.

How to get to Budapest?

The international airport is a half hour driveof the capital of Hungary. Flight time from Moscow is less than three hours. The city center travelers commute by bus, minibus or taxi. The last option is the most expensive and not very popular.
To get around the city is bestuse the Budapest metro, three branches which converge in a central area at Deak Square. Night transport is represented by buses with the letter "E". Most hotels and tourist centers sell cards that allow you to not only save when paying for public transport, but also provide free access to museum exhibits and the famous baths.


The best option for independent travelers- Budget accommodation in the hotels of Budapest, on the facades that adorn the 3 *. These hotels are pleased excellent service, full breakfast and attentive staff.

Argue about taste

Hungarian cuisine is an important reasonVisit operetta homeland. The main "highlight of the program" any institution, no doubt - the famous goulash. The recipe of cooking your every restaurant or cafe, but because of the Hungarian cuisine lovers can endlessly to compare versions in different places. you can order different vegetable masterpieces, and desserts and pastries are best accompanied by a cup of coffee, which is in Hungary not only love, but also know how to cook on the pedestrian Váci street in the many cafes in addition to the traditional dish of Budapest burning symbol.

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