Budapest 2 days: where to go in Budapest

Budapest 2 days

Budapest 2 days

The Hungarian capital is revered by gourmets, artists,musicians and lovers of antiques. In this city, every street is becoming a real discovery, and any building can shake to the core and sound unique and one of a kind. Of course, all the Budapest bypass will not work for 2 days, but find yourself, for example, in the nineteenth century, or to find a goulash of your dreams - is quite real.

Ascension to the palace

Start sightseeing is bestwith the royal palace. Firstly, it is incredibly beautiful and majestic, and secondly, a trip on the cable car for tourists to the top of the hill itself - an exciting venture. This means the movement more than 140 years, but it is functioning properly and shows throughout its route magnificent views. For a couple of minutes in the windows wagons have time to zip the mighty Danube and its cozy shore near the old Pest.
If we continue the topic of urban transport,which became independent in Budapest attraction, the underground city takes at least a significant place in it. He earned in 1896 and became the first in the whole of continental Europe.

Business Cards

Each city has its own business card,becoming objects of photo shoots every tourist, without exception. In Budapest, for 2 days usually visit the Hungarian Parliament building and taking pictures on the Chain Bridge, the Danube and hobbled connecting Pest and Buda. Parliament magnificent all looks from the opposite shore, and the best time for memorable pictures on the bridge - early morning or evening hours.

Penetrate into the history

For regulars museums in Budapest for 2 days readytell so much that other exposure and for the year will not be able! His National Museum - a treasure trove of both literally and figuratively. It preserves the piano by Franz Liszt and Marie-Antoinette's harp, its halls cherish the mantle of St. Stephen and ancient weapons.
Sincere delight gourmets of painting brings a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, where the main highlight of the exhibition are paintings by El Greco and Brueghel.
No less historical interest and haveBudapest exhibits from antique shops. Here you can buy everything from a thimble to the sofa, as if a visit to Budapest on 2 days coincided with the last Sunday of the month, the traveler and did incredibly lucky. On this day, the square Erzhbet Ter rages real flea market.


  • Budapest 2 days
  • Budapest 2 days

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