Entertainment in Budapest - picture. Amusement parks in Budapest.

Entertainment in Budapest

Entertainment in Budapest

Entertainment in Budapest - this visitexhibition galleries, museums, theaters, concert halls, the National Opera, jazz clubs, taking part in festivals and celebrations (Festival of Opera and Ballet, the Budapest Wine Festival).

Amusement Parks in Budapest

  • "Aquaworld Budapest": This water-entertainment complex visitors will be delighted here existing water slides (11), swimming pool (15) sauna (20), jacuzzi. It is worth noting here that guests will be able to see a copy of the temple of Angkor Wat, as well as to their services the park offers water attractions such as the "Magic Carpet", "Jungle", "Mountain Stream", "Black Hole" and others.
  • "Vidam Park": here you can ride 50 rides (carousel with horses, "Iron Dragon Road", Ferris wheel, "Rollercoaster"), spend time in the gym, go-carting.

What kind of entertainment in Budapest?

If you like nightlife, payattention to the night clubs "Alcatraz" (guests waiting for a rich entertainment program, live music, creative cocktails from a local barman), "Fat Mo's Music Club" (in this club will enjoy a vacation lovers blues, jazz and soul-parties), "E -Klub "(restaurant has 2 dance floors, four bars, a summer terrace, as well as specializing in different musical directions).

An interesting entertainment can become a visit to a wine cellar Leach family, where they will hold a tour for you and offered to taste several wines.

Budapest is worth a stroll along the City Park and a visit in its territory a circus - you can admire the colorful show featuring animals, clowns and acrobats.

Activities for Children in Budapest

  • Children's Railway: there 10-14-year-olds will be able to manage semaphores, meet and see off the train, sell and validate tickets from passengers.
  • Palace of Wonders "Millenaris": Young visitors will be able to visit interesting exhibitions, as well as to get acquainted with the laws of physics, playing with unusual artifacts and making interesting experiments. In addition, 2-3 times a year, the children here are invited to test the unusual gadgets.
  • Budapest Zoo: here the children and adults will be able to see the representatives of fauna from all continents, as well as to visit the area, where you can feed and play with domestic animals - sheep, goats, birds.
  • "Tropicarium-Oceanarium": you can visit any of the 8 thematic areas and see tropical birds, various animals, insects, sea creatures. Babies, for sure, there will want to pet and feed the rays with it under the supervision of a professional.

The rich excursion program, visiting the baths, a walk along the Danube - all waiting for you on your holiday in Budapest.


  • Entertainment in Budapest
  • Entertainment in Budapest
  • Entertainment in Budapest

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