Independent travel to Hungary

Alone in Hungary

Alone in Hungary

Csardas, goulash and violin - is this enoughto want to Hungary. And there are hot springs, stunning natural scenery and the Parliament, resulting in a constant thrill fans of the Gothic Revival. you can taste Tokay wines independently in Hungary and go to the operetta, learn to cook paprikash and relax in the open medicinal baths even in the midst of the Christmas frost.

entry formalities

As part of the European Union, Hungary seeks toentry into its territory of a Schengen visa from the Russian citizens. A set of documents it requires a standard individual travelers by tradition must present your hotel for the duration of stay and health insurance.
Direct flights to Budapest carries Russian airline and train to the capital of Hungary, is easily accessible via Kiev.

Forints and spending

Hungary's currency - the forint, and change itDollars can be in any branch of the bank. Hungarian retail outlets, fine restaurants and hotels accept credit cards, and terminals for cash withdrawal from them can be found everywhere, even in remote places.
Alone in Hungary do not have to pay either the rent or for food - this country is, indeed, an oasis of good prices and reasonable combination of "price-quality" throughout the Old World:

  • The cost of a large plate with a hot dish in a Budapest cafe starts from 2200 HUF, snacks and salads are twice cheaper dessert will cost 400-500 forints.
  • Ticket price per trip in the publictransport capital is HUF 350-400, but it is much more profitable to buy travel for a day, a week or 14 days, which are sold in vending machines at the metro station. Do not buy tickets from the driver when entering the bus - it is at least a quarter more than at the ticket offices and machines at bus stops.
  • Tourist map Budapest Card, bought in the capital, will help the traveler who had come to Hungary alone, significantly save on travel and entertainment.
  • A bed in a modest hostel will cost no more than 7000 forints, and the price of private rooms in the hotel with a private start at 10,000 forints.
  • When converting currencies, ask not whether vzima.tsya in the exchange commission. In Hungary, there are a number of exchangers, which do not need to pay anything for the service.
  • The cheapest petrol can be bought at petrolstations at Auchan stores. Alone in Hungary to take into profitable rental car, if you travel at least a small company. (All prices are approximate and are given in August 2015).


  • Alone in Hungary
  • Alone in Hungary

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