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Railways of Hungary

Railways of Hungary

Travel in Hungary by train is muchmore convenient than a car and an airplane. The railway network is owned MÁV public transport company. Railways of Hungary relate the big cities: Budapest, Debrecen, Miskolc, Szentendre, and others.

Rail transport in the country is developedvery good. Hungary has always been considered the center of transport routes. This state is in Eastern Europe and has borders with Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine and other countries. With neighbors Hungary combines the international network of lines.

Features of the railway network

The largest transportation hub is consideredBudapest. Joining many flights going in Debrecen. Train tickets are sold at the station ticket offices and on the Internet. Trains run regularly of international importance for the country. The most luxurious train, which should be in Hungary, considered Railjet. Trains of this type are gaining speed up to 230 km / h. Getting to Budapest from Vienna can be three hours, paying for a ticket of about 13 euro (a place in the second grade). Point train station of arrival is Budapest Keleti (Eastern), where international flights arrive compositions, as well as some national trains.

Other trains run in urban and suburbanzones. suburb lines denote H V. Comfortable compositions serve international and domestic routes. Travel by train is available, and for certain categories of passengers are provided discounts.

Purchase tickets

The fare depends on the route and from theconditions in the train. The prices can be seen on the website www.mav-start.hu. The passenger trains used the division into two classes. First class ticket cost 50% more expensive than the second. The country has class train intercity, express, and ordinary ambulances. The basic cost is on all trains. Surcharges are added to it for the train category.

The most expensive train is the one whoIt runs from Budapest to Pécs, driving almost 228 kilometers in 3 hours. as the old trains move through the territory of Hungary. But the trains are clean and comfortable. Cars compulsorily equipped bathrooms. All trains operating controllers. Ticket checks take place during and after the landing, and after the transplant.

Buy w / e ticket can be in the station ticket office. Timetables are on the official website of the Hungarian railways - www.mavcsoport.hu.


  • Railways of Hungary
  • Railways of Hungary
  • Railways of Hungary

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