Children's camps in Hungary in the summer. Children's camps in Hungary in 2015

Children's camps in Hungary

Children's camps in Hungary

The European country that offers interesting and informative rest for children - Hungary. In recent years, things to do in this area are in great demand among Russians.

Initially positioned as an ideal countryplace for health-improving rest the elderly. But Hungary is gradually expanded range of travel services. Today it is considered one of the priority directions in the field of children's and youth recreation. Children's camps in Hungary each year take a huge number of boys and girls.

What is the difference Hungarian camp

Children's centers and camps in Hungary very much. They are scattered across the country. The most popular of them are located near Lake Balaton. This Hot-the lake is the largest in Europe. On its shores are a large number of excellent resorts. The most famous of them: Szigliget, Badacsony, Kis-Balaton, Tihany, Balatonszemes, etc. Next to this famous lake a unique natural object - Lake Hévíz with its thermal springs.. Bathing place there in summer and winter, as the water temperature is about 40 degrees. Heviz stretched right into the crater of the volcano. Therapeutic mud and lake water are considered medicinal. With their help professionals successfully treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Lake Balaton and Hévíz - a paradise forleisure travelers of all ages. The water in the Balaton is heated to 25 degrees in summer. Despite the fact that the lake is fresh water, the water is very clean. Hungary closely monitors environmental cleanliness of its resorts. Lakeside flat, while the bottom - sand. Therefore, swim in this place - it is a pleasure.

On the shores of Lake Balaton are the mostbest children's centers. Coast from Balatonlelle to Balatonberenya - a continuous gorgeous beach. It attracts children from all over the world to enjoy a wonderful holiday and recuperate. Children's camps in Hungary invited children from 6 years. Resorts for older children located on the northern shore of Lake Balaton.

Features youth camps

Popular youth recreation centers can be found near the resort of Siofok, near Lake Balaton. This city is a renowned center party of young people from Europe. Siofok - is the "capital" of Lake Balaton.

Youth camps offer activities. There you can enjoy water sports:. Boating, surfing, yachting, etc. Hungary attractive to young people and that is where there is an international rock festival "Sziget".

Things to do in Hungary

Besides improving rest and active speciessports, children's camps in Hungary offering sightseeing tours. Attractions in the country is enough to make the stay as saturated.

First of all, the little tourists get acquainted withinteresting sites of Budapest. In the capital, the main cultural monuments are concentrated. This is a very beautiful city, which is interesting not only for adults but also children. The main attraction of the Hungarian capital - the beautiful island of Magritte, on whose territory the Park Arboretum is located. Children also make excursions to the castles. In all, there are over 3,500.

Photos of children's camps in Hungary

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