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Outlets Hungary

Outlets Hungary

Country Hungary - a wonderful place forTravel. Its territory - a solid thermal spa where guests can relax and restore your health in the baths based on natural sources. And Hungary - the birthplace of amazing cuisine and fine wines, and therefore more and more Russian tourists are choosing this area as an interesting route for a gastronomic journey. Mods here, too, is where to turn, because in shops and outlets of Hungary awaits them a lot of diverse and high quality products at good price.

Useful things

  • Going on a shopping Outlets in Hungary, it is important tokeep in mind the possibility to return the VAT paid at the intersection of the back of the border. Tax Free system provides that in the case of purchases in the European Union, non-residents are entitled to a refund of the amount paid. It will have to ask the cashier to issue duly cashier's check, the final figure is required to be not less than 50 thousand HUF.
  • Outlet Hungary opens at 10 am and is waiting for its customers to 20.00 without days off and breaks.

Prime means "first"

The main Hungarian outlet is in the suburbsBudapest. The exact address - Címünk: 2051 Biatorbágy, Budaörsi út 4. Only 15 minutes by car from the center of the Hungarian capital on the M1 motorway, and buyers are trading in a village Premier Outlets Center, Market Square which opened 90 stores and boutiques with goods of famous international and European manufacturers.
For public transport fans comfortable7 is a bus route, departing from the city center. It is necessary to get to the final stop Etele tér, then transfer to a long-distance bus to the suburb of Etyek.
Presented in Hungary Outlet brands wellknown Russian buyer. Perfumes by Dolce & Gabbana, high quality sporting goods from of Reebok, fashion shoes from Timberland and The Ecco, stylish clothing Calvin Klein, Levis jeans timeless classics - this is only a small part of the treasure, which the owners at very attractive prices, you can be in Budapest.
By the way, the prices of all products are 30% -70%percent lower than originally stated by the manufacturer, and during the Christmas or July sales, you can become the owner of the treasured purchase with even less.


  • Outlets Hungary
  • Outlets Hungary

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