Tours in Heviz (Hungary). Holiday in Heviz: photo, trips

Tours in Heviz

Tours in Heviz

Lake Hévíz in Hungary and the same city on hisshore is widely known in Europe, fans thermal pleasures. The local resorts are healed hundreds of diseases, because the lake water contains all the useful elements of the periodic table. Every year tours in Heviz booking of thousands wanting to part with disabilities and simply enjoy life in the popular spa resort.

Natural healer

The coat of arms depicts a beautiful Hevizflower. This water lily, brought to Hungary from the distant warm India. Hundreds of flowers cover the surface of the lake, the water temperature which does not fall below 27 degrees even in winter.
Lake Hévíz - the biggest in the Old World withsimilar medicinal properties. Its waters are rich in calcium and potassium salts, iodides and fluorides. Every day, the lake is almost completely updated, thanks to underground sources.
Participants in the tours Hévíz safely healjoint pain of various etiologies and radiculitis, relieve inflammation in gout and improve circulation. Steam rising over the lake creates a special microclimate and promotes healing of the respiratory system.

Briefly about the importance

  • Tours in Heviz can be combined with a tour of thethe Hungarian capital. Especially because it is an international airport located in Budapest. The distance from it to Hévíz is about 200 kilometers, slightly less takes the way from Vienna, where Moscow also committed direct flights.
  • Not far from the town of Hévíz is Keszthely, regularly take the train from Budapest. Six of the remaining kilometers to Heviz can be overcome by taxi or bus.
  • Moderate continental climate in the Lake DistrictIt provides participants tours in Heviz mild winter and relatively warm summers. Winter is rarely colder than -5, and in the summer - hotter than +27. The water temperature in the lake reaches 27 and 33, respectively.
  • In the area of ​​the lake is open about two dozenhotels, which are dominated by the category of 3 * and 4 *. The restaurants and cafés on the banks of the Hungarian health resort natural enough that no visitor has not left hungry after healing baths.
  • For the implementation of the cultural program participantstour in Heviz gladly go on an excursion to the palace Festetics in the XII century cathedral or castle Sümeg. Close to Lake Balaton, close to Heviz open a museum of dolls and marzipan and built scale model of the Budapest Parliament from several million shells.


  • Tours in Heviz
  • Tours in Heviz

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