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Transport in Hungary

Transport in Hungary

Transport in Hungary is famous for its well-developed infrastructure, thanks to which offers excellent conditions for air, rail and road transport.

The main modes of transport in Hungary:

- Public transport: He presented trolleybuses, trams, buses (in the capital flight out night buses with the letter "E" designation). And you will meet in Budapest metro, funicular (located near the walls of the castle of Buda, it raises all comers to the fortress walls) and cable car (it can help to climb the mountain Janos to admire Budapest).
It should be borne in mind that the buses (to go out, you have to press the button above the door) painted blue, and express buses - in red (they do not stop at all stops).
To pay the fare, you can buy a ticket,acting on a specific vehicle or to all of them. However, to get a more favorable travel tickets, valid for 1, 3, 5 days, or map Budapest Card.
For tickets should go to newsstands and metro offices, the post office. In addition, you can take them to the ticket machines.

- Train: to travel by train is comfortable and fast, plus they are never overcrowded.
The main railway hub of the country - Budapest,from which diverge in all directions different branches. It is worth noting that the prices of the tickets are provided for groups of travelers, students, seniors and children. In addition, in order to save, you can get tickets.
Going to travel around the country by rail? It makes sense to purchase timetable duplicated in English.

- Water-carriage tour offering a ride on a boat on the river Danube and Lake Balaton.
You can travel on cruise ships, not only in Hungary, but also to get to the neighboring countries (Croatia, Austria, Bulgaria), and organized sightseeing trips on pleasure boat.


The price with the taxi drivers it is advisable to agree in advance, because they often overestimate the price, using the fact that foreigners do not know the city.
It is best to use the services of public taxi - their rooms are painted in yellow color.

Car rent

To rent a car, you need to have an IDP and a credit card (an alternative to it - pay bail in the amount of $ 300).
In the center of Budapest, it is advisable to travel by public transport, since it is impossible to drive through the city center and parking is provided for very high fines.
If you plan to travel on roads outside settlements, regardless of the time of day you have to drive with headlights (low beam).
Because some roads are paid, you will need to get a special label sold at the gas station.
Thanks to a well-developed urban and intercity transport, traveling in Hungary will bring you a lot of joy.


  • Transport in Hungary
  • Transport in Hungary

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