Treatment in Hungary - prices. Medicinal spas in Hungary

Treatment in Hungary

Treatment in Hungary

Tourist trips to Hungary usuallyIt suggests a very diverse program, which includes not only sightseeing and tasting the world's best goulash. Ekskursionka successfully combined with treatment in Hungary, the more that the country is a unique high thermal center, where you can improve your health and enjoy the pleasant beauty programs.

How to help here?

Going to Hungary, it is important to buytraveler health insurance. In this case, under an agreement between the countries of first and extra tour is free of charge. Sami Hungarian residents have an insurance policy premiums which are paid by yourself or does the employer. The country has developed a system of family doctors, and they can be changed at the end of each year of the contract for services.

Methods and Achievements

Traditionally, the treatment went to Hungarywho wish to receive high-quality and low-cost dental care and the fans of thermal waters and healing springs. Dental clinics in every city of the country and the cost of their services is only slightly dependent on the location.

Names of Hungary resorts, where with the help of mineral thermal water cure dozens of diseases, known to many Russian travelers:

  • The lake Hévíz you can not just swim and in the winter,and in the summer, but also to strengthen the ligaments and joints, recover from chronic tonsillitis and sore throat to win. Organic dirt from the bottom of the reservoir at the base of special treatment programs even treat infertility.
  • Three thermal springs on Margaret Island in the center of the capital to help cope with the illnesses of the locomotor system and metabolic disorders.
  • Baths of Debrecen - this is the right tool to get rid of numerous inflammatory articular pathologies and significantly improve the condition of patients with different types of paralysis.

Price issue

Soak in the baths of Hungarian resorts -fun is not too expensive. In early 2015 a ticket for the whole day in the famous Széchenyi baths in the capital cost about 10 euros, and 4 hours - about 7 euros. Massage can be booked for 8 euros, and the cost of cosmetic procedures differ depending on the treated area.

Dental treatment in Hungary toocheap, like everywhere else in Europe. For example, the price of the implant is not less than 700 euros, but the zirconium implants cost in local clinics by price cermet in the Moscow offices.


  • Treatment in Hungary
  • Treatment in Hungary
  • Treatment in Hungary

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