Where better to relax in Hungary. Where to go in Hungary?

Where to rest in Hungary

Where to rest in Hungary

Hungary - a small territory on the charminga country in Central Europe. It has no outlet to the sea, but this is more than compensated by the local lakes, one of which - Balaton - the largest in Europe. Hungary Nature picturesque and varied Hungarian residents are friendly and welcoming. However, the answer to the question, where to relax in Hungary, everyone has to find for himself.

Youth holidays

Youngsters, who decided to have funin Hungary, be sure to enjoy Siofok. It can be safely called the Hungarian Ibiza - the same vast beaches, discos, noisy parties, an incredible number of bars and pubs. Where you can go horse riding, play paintball, enjoy water sports.

Among the most entertainment centers Siofokknown - it is "Palace Disco Center" and "Coca Cola Beach House". The range of local entertainment is amazing: from rock festivals to fashion shows, from the laser to the discos beach attractions.

Family holiday

Families of Hungary provides the opportunityrelax and spend time with the kids having fun. In this regard, particularly interesting Hungarian capital - Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Besides the beautiful streets and monuments of Budapest boasts a host of interesting places to visit that will surprise and delight children and adults.

Here are some of them:

  • Tropicarium - artificial jungle and marine aquarium, where you can look at reptiles, tropical birds, monkeys, a variety of fish;
  • Natural maze (by the way, the only active in Europe);
  • Aquapark;
  • Vidampark - an amusement park;
  • Interactive Games Library Palace of Wonders - more than 100 scientific games, each of which can be tested;
  • Cable tramway, etc.

And when tired of the noise of the capital, the whole family cango on excursions. History of Hungary has never been easy. Her first conquered by the Romans, then the Turks, followed by - the Greeks and Slavs. This is reflected in the diversity of Hungarian attractions. They can not examine at one time, be sure to stay neosmotrennym some ancient castle or a mysterious cave.

Healing stays

Hungary - a country where it is not the bestjust relax, but also to correct health. The country is famous for its thermal springs. Their water is rich in minerals and salts, and the temperature usually reaches 30 degrees or more. Advantages sources have estimated more ancient Romans who built the baths here, the remains of which still exist in Budapest.

The most famous and ancient Hungarian thermal baths - this section and Gellert.

It is best to visit the spa resorts in Hungary from April to October, and it is desirable that the treatment rate was at least 21 days.

Hungary - hot springs

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  • Where to rest in Hungary

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