Things to do in New Delhi? What to do and where to go in New Delhi?

What to do in New Delhi?

What to do in New Delhi?

Relationship with India should start from Delhi - the city of contrasts: here there are squalid neighborhoods with dirty streets and fashionable areas with luxurious restaurants and boutiques.

What to do in New Delhi?

  • Visit the Red Fort;
  • To go to the mausoleum of Nizamuddin Aulii and listen to sacred music there;
  • Walk through the medieval streets of Old Delhi;
  • Inspect the Lotus Temple;
  • Take a stroll in the Lodi Gardens.

The best time to visit Delhi - January-March, November and December.

Things to do in New Delhi?

  • You can go on a shopping tour - Delhi is famousboutiques, shopping centers, shops, markets. In memory of this wonderful country, you can bring along Indian saris, spices, herbs, rare antiques, jewelry, beautiful silk scarves.
  • Going eco-tour, you can visit the famous sanctuaries, and see tigers, ride on an elephant to conquer the summit of Sikkim.
  • If desired, you can go on a pilgrimage tour - in Delhi there are temples, mosques and places of worship.
  • excursions lovers can go on tour"India's Golden Triangle": the journey begins in New Delhi, after which the path will be in Agra, the famous Taj Mahal and Jaipur, to the Palace of the Winds. Those who want to see a Hindu temple complex, statue Nilkantha Varma, 148 figures of elephants can go on a tour of Akshardham.
  • While in Delhi, you can go to the International Museum of the toilet: here everyone knows how to appear and what were the first models of toilets, as well as see their evolution in chronological order.
  • Not only children, but adults will enjoy the Zoological Park. Make a visit here, you can see birds and animals from Africa, Australia, America and Asia.
  • Those wishing to learn more about the Dalai Lama, isgo to Tibet House. There is also an exhibition of the collections of ancient paintings, various sculptures, carpets (lot of things brought from the Indian villages and monasteries).
  • Get an unforgettable experience in Delhi and will be able toBeach lovers. This is facilitated by the gentle sun, clear water, sand, light beige color, great opportunities for water sports. Beaches Delhi offer to rent a yacht, boat and other water equipment for active pastime.

Going on vacation in Delhi, you will not onlyYou will be able to see the local sights, go on interesting tours, but also have fun in the streets and squares of the city, where you encounter predictors of the future, dancing animals and snake charmers.

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  • What to do in New Delhi?
  • What to do in New Delhi?
  • What to do in New Delhi?
  • What to do in New Delhi?
  • What to do in New Delhi?

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