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Are you interested in Goa? Looking at the map of the Indian state, you can see that it is divided into two parts.

North Goa

North Goa is interesting to tourists because of the following resorts:

  • Anjuna: is to visit the flea market (you will buy souvenirs, jewelry and handicrafts handmade) and take a photo, which will perform background Portuguese houses in colonial style; in the beach area, you can not just swimming and sunbathing, but also to spend time in Curlie's club. As for the best club in Anjuna, then so is the Paradiso (here present the best DJs; a ticket to the party costs $ 5-10).
  • Vagator: We should pay attention to the main attractions - the ruins of Chapora fort (you can admire the remains of the defensive wall and open views of the surroundings from here). In addition, a 3 Vagator beaches, the most popular of which is the Small Vagator, where you can find Nine Bar and sculptural Shiva Carving, carved into the rock.

South Goa

South Goa travelers will appreciate the resorts listed below:

  • Majorda: its beaches (they are surrounded by fruit trees and coconut palms) will be able to see crabs, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and sea snakes, occupy themselves beach volleyball and water sports. With regard to the architecture of Majorda, it serves to inspect the Church of Our Lady (16th century, can be traced elements of the Catholic and Jesuit crops) and the temple of the Great Mother (Hindu ceremonies are conducted).
  • Dona Paula: here it is recommended to rush loving couples and surfers (the local beach is surrounded by rocky shores). In addition, there will be able to enjoy the music, regardless of time of day in the dance hall "Lido", visit the Marine Biological Museum (famous for its collection of marine fauna and flora), to see the residence of the head of the Goa government, actively spend time in a sports club (in November, guests are invited to the festival after water sports), to acquire leather goods, Indian trinkets and other goods in stores and shops that surround the beach area.

Where to stay tourists

Accommodation facilities in North Goa (hererush youth company, lovers of trans-party and supporters traveling on a budget) will delight visitors a good service and affordable prices, while South Goa focused upscale luxury hotels (most of them are focused on a family vacation with the kids, so they provide everything you need for these groups of tourists) .

Are you interested in water sports, a short course of yoga and meditation or nightlife represented disco ( "Titos", "Mambo" and others)? Hold the course for hotels in Calangute.

Cheap accommodation facilities can be found in Arambol - within walking distance there are all sorts of shops, beach restaurants with Wi-Fi and yoga centers.

Interested fashionable vacation spots? Note Aguada - there is an interesting complex of villas and bungalows "Taj Holiday Village".

Photos Goa

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